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What tip have you heard about and been incredulous when it actually works?

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hiredandsqueak Fri 17-Jul-20 15:36:43

I saw on Twitter that filling a ziplock bag with water and a few coins and hanging it in a doorway/placing it on the doorstep will keep flies out. It seemed such a bizarre suggestion that I thought I would try it and can confirm it works. I've also hung one near the bins and there hasn't been any flies around for a week.
Are there any other tips that I should know?

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zombiepara Fri 17-Jul-20 15:38:47

Any particular coins? I need to try this 😂

hiredandsqueak Fri 17-Jul-20 15:41:13

No just coppers and I put a couple of five pences in just in case it needed to be silver coins

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Northernsoullover Fri 17-Jul-20 15:42:52

Wearing red undies under white. Much nice than flesh coloured underwear and it works. I learnt this on MN.

GoGoGadgetShoes Fri 17-Jul-20 15:46:41

Pouring boiling water on berry juice stains to watch them disappear before your eyes.

TheGoldenApplesOfTheSun Fri 17-Jul-20 15:47:09

It's kind of gross but, spitting onto blood stains to help wash them out! My mum told me this as a teenager when I first got my period. Didn't do it for years, then I tried it - yep, actually helps! My underwear is saved grin

hiredandsqueak Fri 17-Jul-20 15:48:58

Ooh these are good and I didn't know any of them.

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AnnPerkins Fri 17-Jul-20 15:50:04

Drying stained white clothes in the sun. Even tomato stains will vanish completely.

The fly one is fascinating. I need to try it.

littleducks Fri 17-Jul-20 15:51:21

I can't tell if this thread is a joke and these are all redicolous suggestions or for real. I thought boiling water would set stains, and everyone would be ooglng at red pants...

Off to try the fly thing

tellmewhentheLangshiplandscoz Fri 17-Jul-20 15:57:55

Red undies under a white dress?!! I've heard this but cannot believe it works. Please tell me the science behind it people confused

MsJuniper Fri 17-Jul-20 15:58:50

I read a tip on here once for dealing with tantrums, which was to repeat back to the child what they are saying, quietly, on their level. Eg if they are saying "I don't want to go home", reply "you don't want to go home".

I had an emotionally volatile DC and he would get into a right old state which nothing could bring him back from, until I tried this. It was like a magic trick - he sort of sagged and completely calmed down.

CatsMother66 Fri 17-Jul-20 16:00:09

I’ve tried the fly thing and it didn’t work for me. Vick on the feet to stop coughing at night, works every time.

LoisWilkersonslastnerve Fri 17-Jul-20 16:01:55

That tip works with customers having a tantrum too.

LoisWilkersonslastnerve Fri 17-Jul-20 16:02:47

Pressed send too soon. MsJuniper that was for.

Wilma55 Fri 17-Jul-20 16:03:03

Clean your iron by rubbing paracetamol on it

OhioOhioOhio Fri 17-Jul-20 16:04:00

And angry parents in a school.

LoisWilkersonslastnerve Fri 17-Jul-20 16:04:01

Rubbing your tongue on the roof of your mouth stops you crying.

Musmerian Fri 17-Jul-20 16:05:16

@littleducks - the berry stain thing works and it really is like magic.

LoisWilkersonslastnerve Fri 17-Jul-20 16:05:27

And angry parents in a school
Oh that would be fun to try 😄

paap1975 Fri 17-Jul-20 16:05:50


Rubbing your tongue on the roof of your mouth stops you crying.

I wish. Unfortunately, nothing stops me crying

KitKat1985 Fri 17-Jul-20 16:10:04

I have a 3 year old toddler who never wants to get dressed as she never wants to put on any of the clothes I choose for her, and instead wants to put on something else (usually inappropriate for the weather like shorts in January). Insistence of putting on my choice of clothing was leading to full on tantrums and leaving the house was becoming a nightmare.
Advised to try the technique of picking out two suitable items (e.g, a choice of two jumpers in winter) and letting her pick her favourite to wear. It works! She happily picks one of the outfits to wear and it's far less stressful as she feels she is the one to have chosen her outfit, and I know she's wearing something suitable.

confusednortherner Fri 17-Jul-20 16:14:06

Using washing up liquid and fabric conditioner to wash your windows. I've never been able to clean windows without leaving them in a state until I tried this. Complete game changer!

Gilead Fri 17-Jul-20 16:15:03


LunaNorth Fri 17-Jul-20 16:17:14

Put milk on an ink stain.

I wore a cream shirt to work - big mistake. Massive ink stain.

Dabbed it with milk and it disappeared.

NoShitHemlock Fri 17-Jul-20 16:42:25

This one is probably fairly well known, but I dab Fairy Liquid (other dish washing detergents are available....) on fat stains e.g. hot butter off your toast and straight onto your t-shirt; splashes of oil etc. Wash as normal and it lifts the stain totally.

I haven't tried it on a big stain - just those really irritating little ones that always seem to hit right in the middle of whatever you are wearing.

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