Can you buy an Audible gift card?

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Chocolateheaven123 Sun 25-Nov-18 08:34:05

My DP has an Audible account, and I wanted to buy him a gift voucher or extra credits for Christmas. Only thing I can find though is monthly memberships.

Am I missing something? Can you purchase gift cards for Audible?

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Chocolateheaven123 Sun 25-Nov-18 17:58:21

Bump. Anyone?

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Sausagefingers9 Sun 25-Nov-18 17:59:27

I’m sure you can, I know my sister got me one a while back. Let me check.

Sausagefingers9 Sun 25-Nov-18 18:01:47

I think she must have got me the 3 month membership as it appears you can’t! Would he not be happy with that option? Either that or write out a nice voucher and give him £18 to spend on credits when they do the 3 for £18 offer.

cariadlet Sun 25-Nov-18 18:14:07

It looks as if you can buy gift memberships but not gift credits (they're really missing an opportunity there).

But you could go on your dp's account and buy extra credits (presumably that would come from his bank so you'd have to reimburse him).

I copied the conditions from the help page:

If you find yourself running out of credits too quickly, you can switch your membership plan to one that includes more credits, or occasionally purchase extra credits online.

To be eligible and see the option to buy extra credits online, you must:
•Be an active Audible member and be on the same membership plan for at least three months
•Have one or no remaining credits on your account
•Must be at least 30 days from your next billing date (ANNUAL PLANS ONLY)

If you fit that criteria, follow the steps below to buy your credits on the desktop or mobile sites:

pureamber Mon 26-Nov-18 11:00:42

If they're already a member and you buy a gift membership (3, 6 or 12 months), they'll get all the credits in one go instead of free months. Go to 'Gift Centre' at the bottom of the page.

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