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oh god that wiki game is so addictive

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DiaryStrife Fri 19-Oct-18 20:33:01

Is anyone else playing?

It's like falling down the biggest rabbit hole there is

Basic premise, you race against a clock and all the other players to get from one place to another just using wiki links.

For example: Edward III - Sugar

It starts you on the first page and you have to click through and try and end up on Sugar. You have 120 seconds and the quicker you are the more points you get. There is a global league table and everything

I can't stop playing!

DiaryStrife Fri 19-Oct-18 20:34:26

DiaryStrife Fri 19-Oct-18 20:40:26

On the left it shows you how many people won that game and how many clicks they used to win it

SylviaAndSidney Sat 20-Oct-18 15:14:53

Been playing this since yesterday, very addictive grin

DolceFarNiente Sat 20-Oct-18 16:47:19

You've got me addicted now - I can't stop!

BearSoFair Sat 20-Oct-18 16:56:19

Hadn't heard of it before the thread but just played 3 rounds and I can tell this already going to be my new favourite time waster!

davisday Sat 20-Oct-18 17:00:35

Love this game!!

snozzlemaid Sun 21-Oct-18 10:12:16

I love this! I'm completely addicted now. I was so excited when I completed my first one.

ItsClemFandangoCanYouHearMe Sun 21-Oct-18 16:22:17

Totally addicted now OP!

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