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Supporting small businesses

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IggyAce Wed 26-Aug-20 16:52:46

I’m hoping to use a lot more small businesses to buy Christmas gifts online this year instead of the usual big ones.
So thought it would be nice to have a thread to share recommendations.
Here are 3 that I’ve used for gifts in the past and received great products and service from.
Handmade and personalised decorations

Wish strings and bracelets

Bath bombs

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73kittycat73 Wed 26-Aug-20 21:33:52

Thanks for those links, off to have a look. Sorry, I haven't got any to add, just wanted to say what a nice thread idea. fsmile

PowerslidePanda Wed 26-Aug-20 22:06:46

Agree - a lovely idea for a thread!

My contribution is The Soap Story ( - a company I used last year. All their soaps are vegan, and they also do really cute bath toys set into soap - great stocking fillers for kids, or something a bit different for someone who's very into dinosaurs, llamas, etc.

Muchtoomuchtodo Wed 26-Aug-20 22:13:39

This is a great thread and I am already hoping to do my Christmas shopping using as many small businesses as possible, and keeping it as local as possible.

I can highly recommend The Goodwash Company who are both local to me and have brilliant products.

Crackery Wed 26-Aug-20 22:57:13

Love this. I'm sure I've got some
I could post. A neighbour of mine has started making fabulous birdhouses... and simple personalised ones for kids... so all the kids in my life are getting one for Christmas. But I don't think he has a selling page.

Plus all the ladies on my list are getting a personalised denim apron from a small local company.

tentative3 Wed 02-Sep-20 13:53:36

Just seen this thread, agree it is a great idea. There is a thread in ethical living about small businesses that I've linked below, so there's probably a lot of cross over there for people but my contributions are:

Pendragon drinks for hot chocolate (proper chocolate, not powder)

Turner's Pies (got this off that thread!). Got to be honest, I haven't really rated the fruit pies I've tried from them but the steak and ale is delicious, and freezable. They do gift packs but might also be something to get for your own family for an easy but tasty meal over Christmas.

Gun Dog Gin - the blackcurrant is lovely

Turtle Doves (this is a regular on the bargain threads but they are not a million miles away from me geographically and worth a shout out just in case anyone is not on those threads)

If anyone is after a project to do before Christmas, I can recommend the needle felted tree from Mum's Makery (but it is taking me a very very long time)

Shufflebumnessie Wed 02-Sep-20 16:01:18

I've just ordered a few jewellery bits from Beadazzled. Unfortunately they don't seem to have a website but are on Facebook.
I've ordered some bracelets as a stocking filler for DD and little gifts for her friends. Lots of colours/ designs to choose from, and the owner was very happy to accommodate my requests (plus, reasonably priced - bracelets from £1).

Babbletalk Wed 02-Sep-20 22:34:12

Love the idea of this thread, thank you! I'm going to contribute Hampton Hobbies and Games, a small family run business in Peterborough that sell board games, crafts and jigsaws. I found them to be really good to deal with and ever so helpful.

elp30 Wed 02-Sep-20 22:38:33

I have two really good friends that own a fudge company called, UK Fudge Company.

I would love it, and I am sure they would too, if you could consider them for gifts. I know they deliver to all parts of the UK.


CaptainCarp Wed 02-Sep-20 22:51:43

I second gundog gin!
I used to work a lot of markets / country shows & they gin is lovely. Brought some for presents before.
Do some different picture gifts for something a little different.

For those with a sweet tooth either:

All ran by lovely people who I've met over the years & their products are fantastic.

Justonemorecup81 Wed 02-Sep-20 22:59:15

This is such a great idea as so many events have been cancelled which many independent companies rely on. Can I be cheeky and add my own business? Noble Leaf - the mindful tea company. We ethically source all tea direct from small tea gardens,l and then hand-pack in the UK using eco packaging. Amazing award winning tea and teaware and I'd be happy to offer you 15% off when you use the code launch18 brew

Justonemorecup81 Wed 02-Sep-20 23:00:07

Might help if I add the website, it's

NoWordForFluffy Wed 02-Sep-20 23:01:25

If you like coffee, Neighbourhood Coffee is a great company and are based in Liverpool. I bought the Aeropress from them last year for DH and must've had 12 or so bags of coffee since. He loves all of the ones he's tried (their names are brilliant too!).

zowiewowie Wed 02-Sep-20 23:10:37

This is a lovely idea. Is it ok to add my business? I run a non profit org and we have Activity Boxes that we have just started to sell as since Covid we can’t run our usual in person session. Clay pottery, beading, electronic circuits and we sell dr zigs giant bubble kits.

For every one sold we donate one to a family through our charity partner organisations.

Someaddedsugar Wed 02-Sep-20 23:14:45

Can I recommend Crayon Box - the crayon play tubs are lovely!

AHintOfStyle Thu 03-Sep-20 09:10:35

Can I recommend Heather Elder Jewellery, this is her Etsy shop, she also operates via Facebook & Instagram

She is such a talented silversmith and a very lovely person

triplechoc Thu 03-Sep-20 11:42:28

Great idea for a thread! Reregistered to recommend two businesses local to me, both of which I use regularly.
For candles and wax melts, Harper’s Candles are excellent. They have a wide range of fragrances, offer a personalisation service and also have a subscription option which I haven’t tried but looks like it would be great for a gift.

Coffee - Great coffee, available as beans or ground, also offer a subscription from £7.50 a month/gift subscriptions for 3-6 months.

sarahwilliams123 Sat 05-Sep-20 17:01:07

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

W00t Sat 05-Sep-20 17:02:30

Yeah, but you can't use MN as advertising for your small business Sarah hmm

W00t Sat 05-Sep-20 17:18:07

Anyway, my own, non-affiliated suggestions are:
Thirsty meeples, the boardgaming cafe in Oxford, who sell board games, and have given me fantastic service several Christmases on the run now.

I have bought DD, MIL, and myself lovely earrings from Wendy Kemp
in the past.

A link I saw on MN for a social enterprise based in Cambridge- Harry Specters which I sent to my brother for his birthday in lockdown.

W00t Sat 05-Sep-20 17:26:53

And good to see Turtle Doves linked in here! They sent my friend a gorgeous snood/loop scarf when she was ill from a group of us that pitched in together. They are really fab.

IggyAce Sat 05-Sep-20 18:05:14

Just popped back and will be looking at the recommendations. Especially gin, fudge and tea.

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Orangecake123 Sat 05-Sep-20 18:56:23

The crayonbox ones are lovely!

I would order but I don't have any young people in my life.

SallySolardel Fri 11-Sep-20 18:00:49

I bought some of the bath bombs and they're lovely! I bought some with ducks in and got 2 different ducks!

Zaphodsotherhead Sat 12-Sep-20 11:51:26

This is brilliant and exactly the sort of thing I need! Not much to add from me, but just dropping a mention for Sloemotion (DD2 used to work for them, which was great at Christmas time. Then she emigrated, the bugger).

Anyway. They are great and my contribution to the thread, until I can think of some more!

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