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PinkDaydreams Thu 17-Oct-19 10:53:43

Morning all!
Can we have a ‘naice’ thread please?!
I’m looking for ‘naice’ biscuits to go with the brew tea company pot and loose leaf tea I’ve bought dh for Xmas.
Can anyone recommend fancy biccies?!grin

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lotusbell Thu 17-Oct-19 12:56:44

I quite like Borders but they're not especially fancy, although obviously posher than a digestive or Rich Tea. Plenty of supermarkets do a 'finest' range and posh biscuits, or maybe M&S?

livingthegoodlife Thu 17-Oct-19 14:52:54

I like the m&s super chocolatey ones but don't know if they're posh enough to count as "naice". If you want really "naice" then you can't go wrong with Fortnums.

ladyratterley Thu 17-Oct-19 14:54:38

Fortnum & Mason! Hopefully you can buy them online. I always get some for my parents & aunties for Christmas as I live in London.

AutumnalLeaves38 Thu 17-Oct-19 15:03:23

For ginger lovers, I heavily recommend Duchy Organic stem ginger biscuits (bonus: they're covered in dark chocolate).

Keep them in the fridge. Amazing.

PinkDaydreams Thu 17-Oct-19 15:05:01

I love biscuits! All this biscuit talk is making me want some now 😋 they don’t have to particularly expensive, I just want something different from the usual asda or Sainsbury’s!

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MrBobLobLaw Thu 17-Oct-19 15:13:13

How about some personalised or Christmassy ones from Biscuiteers? They look amazing and they come in a fancy tin.

God I'm hungry

PinkDaydreams Thu 17-Oct-19 15:26:10

Personalized biscuits?! Now that does sound good!!

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poppet31 Thu 17-Oct-19 15:31:46

There's a company that do amazing biscuits I think called the biscuiteers. Expensive though but beautiful for a gift.

DontCallMeShitley Thu 17-Oct-19 15:56:20

Sainsburys have some naice cookies in their Taste the Difference range, they do not contain palm oil except in the chocolate ones (think it is the milk choc ones).

They were in boxes but not sure about the packaging now as I haven't bought them for a while. Mainly because I couldn't leave them alone if they were in the house.

PinkDaydreams Thu 17-Oct-19 16:21:34

This thread has actually reminded me of the peanut butter cookies I bought from marks and Spencer’s a while ago, oh my goodness they were good!!

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Jessica78 Thu 17-Oct-19 19:23:16

Oh you want fortnums... And if on a budget M&S x

NoWordForFluffy Thu 17-Oct-19 20:12:57

The tins of Belgian ones in M&S are lovely (and will get their turn being reduced soon!).

I didn't like Biscuiteers' biscuit. Teeth-breakers!

RockingMyFiftiesNot Thu 17-Oct-19 20:16:36

Garden centres usually have naice biscuits

PinkDaydreams Thu 17-Oct-19 20:17:59

Fortnum lemon curd biscuits sound amazing!!!

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PinkDaydreams Thu 17-Oct-19 20:18:37

The Fortnum website is making my mouth water smile

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Jessica78 Thu 17-Oct-19 20:30:21

@pinkdaydreams 😂

FurrySlipperBoots Thu 17-Oct-19 20:33:16

German ones. No particular brand to recommend I'm afraid as I always make my own, but you can''t beat German Christmas biscuits.

PavlovaFaith Thu 17-Oct-19 21:33:00

Betty's all the way for me!

CornishMaid1 Thu 17-Oct-19 21:39:14

M&S do some good sets and although nor posh I do line the Border biscuit selection.

Furniss Cornish fairings are good too, especially if you like a bit of ginger.

MovinOnUp Thu 17-Oct-19 21:43:04

TkMaxx had lovely tins of biscuits when I was in last week.

ritzbiscuits Fri 18-Oct-19 04:19:23

I'd you're not looking for too posh, M&S cookies or their chocolate biscuit box is nice £3 on offer at the mo.

Ricekrispie22 Fri 18-Oct-19 04:52:35

Whittled has a good selection presented in nice tins
John Lewis is also good for posh biscuits

PinkDaydreams Fri 18-Oct-19 07:57:07

We get so many tins of m&s biscuits where I used to work from the customers, the week they go on offer we used to get an influx of them! The Belgian tin is very good!
John Lewis, I hadn’t thought of there! They do alcohol too so I can have a nosey (buy) at that too

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Chottie Fri 18-Oct-19 08:02:18

Fortnum & Mason smile

Especially the lemon curd, macedonia or Christmas pudding biscuits smile

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