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What will you definitely or definitely not be repeating next Christmas?

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Trudee Wed 26-Dec-18 18:46:51

I made a note in my phone last year in an attempt to stop me repeating the same mistakes. It worked well although I now need to add 'buy less biscuits'
Interested to see what everyone else would put on their lists?

Fluffyears Wed 26-Dec-18 18:55:42

Chinese take away again, forget turkey.

madcatladyforever Wed 26-Dec-18 18:56:54

being sick and bedbound for three days unable to eat or drink.

SexNotJenga Wed 26-Dec-18 18:59:52

I'm going to get started a lot earlier. 2017 I started in September, and then felt a bit mad for having done so. I resolved to leave it till late November / December to do anything this year. And then was a bit poorly and very very busy at work and ended up rushing round the shops on Christmas Eve, not placidly icing the cake while listening to Carols from King's like I wanted to...

So next year, back to the mad early planning, and hopefully being able to enjoy December. And I'll get people better presents too blush

DrMadelineMaxwell Wed 26-Dec-18 19:07:17

Fewer stocking gifts, or even no stockings now the dc are teens and didn't want to open them straight away and instead brought them down and opened them with their other gifts.

ChristmasTwatteryDoesMyHeadIn Wed 26-Dec-18 19:08:34

Nobody but us (DP and I) and the bairns round for a meal, no fancy dinner, lots of relaxing together. We’re in agreement, so that’s good!

Also, don’t fuss about a swanky dinner, nobody really gives a shit

Santaisonthesherry Wed 26-Dec-18 19:09:04

Don't offer to shop on behalf of adult dc because they work odd shifts /have a dc.
My own shopping is sufficient to stress about!!

abbsisspartacus Wed 26-Dec-18 19:11:13

No stomach bug no turkey I'm going off them now more fun less drama and shop online more the shops are a nightmare

KipperTheFrog Wed 26-Dec-18 19:13:57

Fewer presents for the DC as they get too much and get overwhelmed.

BigSandyBalls2015 Wed 26-Dec-18 19:15:19

Never ever, under any circumstances play any sort of family game with MIL .... competitive doesn’t even begin to cover it.


Umm she’s 3 ... give her a bit of a break 😳

abbsisspartacus Wed 26-Dec-18 19:22:30

Fewer presents was one thing I achieved this year kids were fine about it

Oogle Wed 26-Dec-18 19:25:27

Definitely doing a paper table cloth again next year. End of the meal just roll it up and chuck it on the fire.

We didn’t bother with red cabbage or Yorkshire puddings, it loads of veg and they weren’t missed.

I’m the only one who eats cranberry sauce so I won’t be buying that again.

Not bothering with dessert. No one eats it. Instead I will buy a small fruit cake to have with the cheese in the evening.

As much as I love hosting, I’m wiped out today (although not helped by being up half the night with a poorly child) so next year I’m scaling back. We had 12 yesterday and I was on my feet all day, as was DH. I’ll host my mum and my FIL if they both want, but that’s it.

Janus Wed 26-Dec-18 19:28:21

I’m never cooking goose or turkey again, both dried out and rubbish! I shall be cooking a really nice forerib of beef with dauphinois which I can make with my eyes shut and tastes so much better.
Save a couple presents for Boxing Day to make it last a bit longer.
Get everything wrapped by mid December because despite being organised and doing quite a lot this year I got flu and couldn’t get up until Christmas Eve so still had to wrap on Christmas Eve!

Theseptemberissues Wed 26-Dec-18 19:29:58

Bought almost everything pre prepared from M&S/Sainsbury’s this year and it was so much calmer in the kitchen! As I was less stressed about dinner I definitely enjoyed the day more so will be doing that again next year.
I’ll be buying less presents for the DC next year, it got to a point where DS1 wasn’t even taking in what he had opened and just went onto the next one fblush I did start buying in September so overbought. Think I’ll leave it a bit later next time so I’m not tempted to keep buying more and more

ScreamingBadSanta Wed 26-Dec-18 19:30:08

I don't think I'll bother with as much green veg - most of it didn't get eaten. We had it as leftovers today to avoid waste but it wasn't great having been reheated in the microwave.

KiteMarked Wed 26-Dec-18 19:34:01

We bought Costco sandwich platter trays, which were nice enough, but way too expensive for what they are. We'll spend less money and put more time into making our own sandwiches next year (we do nibbly bits on Christmas Eve)

Too many desserts were bought, and we were given mountains of biscuits and chocolates anyway, so it was all too much. Tomorrow is a family birthday, so we have more cake to look forward to. Ooof.

Earlier in the month we deep-cleaned all the dc's bedrooms in anticipation of more stuff coming to live in their rooms and needing to be organised, and it made everything much easier today when we tidied up. Will be doing that again.

Paring down expectations and keeping traditions simple is definitely the way to go.

Fatted Wed 26-Dec-18 19:35:22

I'm never ever leaving the house on Christmas day again. My kids were a bloody nightmare when we went to my parents last night. They were far too over excited and climbing the walls! The whole visit was so stressful!

UnreasonablyPissedOff Wed 26-Dec-18 19:42:55

We simplified the Christmas dinner as in the end there were only 3 of us. So we didn't bother with the red cabbage or the ham or the mash.
Also didn't serve the starter of smoked salmon so still have that for another day.

I will cook the ham on the 29th with the red cabbage and mash and have an entire second dinner which we will enjoy more.

Due to circumstances beyond my control I had to start shopping very late this year and it was super stressful for me so I have resolved to start early next year and get it all done in November, leaving December free to enjoy the build up and socialising etc.

driggle Wed 26-Dec-18 19:47:13

Good idea OP. I'm going to make a note so I don't forget next year.

Beef instead of turkey next year. Realised this year that despite smothering it in delicious pancetta and rosemary, turkey is a bland meat, to me anyway. DP agreed it's just something we have because of Christmas tradition, not because we actually like it that much, so beef next year it is.

Start shopping earlier next year. I'm normally someone who has everything bought and wrapped by November but due to DC2 being born in September this year I've been so disorganised. Bought everything this month and was still wrapping on Christmas Eve. Big hit on the finances too not spreading it out as we normally do.

Quality over quantity is appreciated. As DC1 is more into technology than toys these days, presents were few but more expensive than usual. Had a thought last week that we hadn't bought enough, but rather than panic buy a load of tat, I left it as it was and DS was absolutely delighted with his presents.

BifsWif Wed 26-Dec-18 19:48:46

Fewer presents.

I went a bit overboard, and when combined with gifts from other relatives it’s just too much.

IHaveBrilloHair Wed 26-Dec-18 19:49:20

I'll be making my own plans so if my Daughter ditches me at the last minute I won't be on my own!

Asj0405 Wed 26-Dec-18 19:50:49

Got a few bits from m&s this year certainly wouldn't be able to afford to get full shop from there but the few bits we did get were lovely so will be repeating that next year.

Not buying as many chocs

Not hanging kids stockings in their bedrooms took until 4am to fill them as every time I creeped in they woke up hmm

Bad Santa game was a real hit we played it Xmas eve and will be repeating that again. Will also be adding more Christmassy games as well.

BusySittingDown Wed 26-Dec-18 19:51:16

We did everything perfectly this year. I started Christmas shopping early, got everything wrapped nice and early and felt on top of my game. House lovely and festive. I took the week before Christmas off work and was feeling really festive and excited. House was all organised and lovely ready to chill out with the DDs for the last couple of days before Christmas.

However, my mother was taken ill on Saturday so the last few days I spent in hospital sad. Saturday was a write off as we called an ambulance and spent ages waiting to see what was wrong, thankfully she's ok, Sunday we were expecting her to be discharged but nothing happens on Sunday so she wasn't so I spent the morning cleaning and then the afternoon visiting. Fortunately, she was discharged on Christmas Eve but we'd had a phone call early on from the Occupational Therapist saying that she was ready to go. So I went to pick her up. Was she ready? Was she buggery! They said that the OT shouldn't have said that and she was still waiting for the letter from the dr. So after hours of waiting I finally got home at 8pm angry. I had missed out on everything I had wanted to do with the DDs. Christmas Eve is my favourite day of the whole year and I missed it. Thankfully my mum is ok though so that's the main thing.

Next year I plan to have a great time.

BigSandyBalls2015 Wed 26-Dec-18 19:56:02

Oh Brillo!

YankeeCandlePong Wed 26-Dec-18 19:58:22

Tell relatives (3 sets) that we are staying put and if they want to see us, they can use their annual leave doing 4 hour round trips cos I'm not fussed if I see them or not.

And breathe!

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