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When is the best time to buy a Balsam Hill tree?

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hashtagelfie Wed 27-Dec-17 14:22:13

I've decided to get an artificial tree next year, a really good quality one and have decided on the Balsam Hill Frosted Fraser Fir, And wondered if anyone knew the best time to pick one up? Will a summer sale be cheaper then now? Or are the current prices the lowest they will go?

TheRebelHedgehog Wed 27-Dec-17 15:18:45

I’m not sure but there were some shocking reviews/opinions on these trees pre Xmas. It took one poster the best part of a whole weekend to make it look simply acceptable.

Just a heads up really and food for thought

BarchesterFlowers Wed 27-Dec-17 15:22:50

I love mine OP, now in its seventh year. I bought it in the summer from memory but the prices are always discounted.

CiderwithBuda Wed 27-Dec-17 15:25:37

I got one in the summer sale. Had been wanting one for years. Not massively impressed I have to say. It's the Nordman Fir. Took me ages to fluff it. And it's still not quite right. It's pre-lit and very bright. Can hardly see the decorations. And I put loads on. Wrapped tinsel up around the trunk.

But others seem to rave about them. I'm not the most patient so spending so long fluffing it really frustrated me. Especially as it's not as full as I had expected.

Roussette Wed 27-Dec-17 15:29:15

Love mine, bought it just before Christmas. Excellent service from BH as we had a slight problem with the first tree. They sent us a second and we kept the first!

SilverLilly Wed 27-Dec-17 15:32:30

I got my tree and wreath around black Friday. They are lovely.

KanyeWesticle Tue 06-Feb-18 10:57:37

I really like mine which we got in late December. Possibly the worst time to get one, but still not terribly expensive (5ft - £80 I think). The prelit and prefrosted ones did have some mixed reviews - I got just a plain fir which is lovely!

Allthepinkunicorns Sun 11-Feb-18 15:41:34

I got mine in August, they had a sale on and my tree was half the cost.

Floralnomad Sun 11-Feb-18 15:46:14

We got ours in July last year, 40% off and it was truly magnificent . We went for the 7’ prelit Fraser fir and even my extremely picky husband was impressed with it . I would add that we firstly ordered a frosted fir and sent it back as it was way more frosted looking when it arrived and was shedding crap all over my lounge as soon as the box was opened , which was as far as we got before we decided it wasn’t for us .

ShiftyMcGifty Sun 11-Feb-18 15:54:03

I read that thread and I honestly don’t get what that OP did to get it so wrong. I bought one in the January sales and unboxed it to check it over. It’s not difficult, just time consuming fluffing out the branches. When I unboxed ours just to check it, I purposefully didn’t fluff it out properly so that I could box it up again. And it still looked miles better than that OP’s confused

Floralnomad Sun 11-Feb-18 16:29:26

I think the problem with the poster who couldn’t get it to fluff adequately was that she had chosen the wrong type of tree , some of them are not as full looking as others and you need to select what you want carefully .

ShiftyMcGifty Sun 11-Feb-18 16:57:49

Floral, she got the Norway Spruce and I got a Silverado Slim. Here they are side by side. I don’t want to be negative about her experience or her, but I do have to say her post almost put me off buying one myself. When I did, however, I just couldn’t why she had such a hard time with it as it was straightforward.

ShiftyMcGifty Sun 11-Feb-18 16:58:33


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