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What do you do on Christmas Eve?

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SummerRoberts Thu 21-Sep-17 14:28:16

In our house we tend to have Christmas films on all morning and last minute wrapping/preparations going on.
I always make Nigella's Christmas rocky road and put into little gift bags as sort of a little Christmas Eve gift for everyone.
Then we set off it my mums with all the prezzies, duvets etc.
We used to have a Chinese takeaway as our traditional Christmas Eve dinner while we watched a family film but the past few years we've gone for an extended family meal at the loveliest country pub. They make it look so gorgeous and we usually get the big table next to the open fire.
Then we get back to mums, get into Christmas PJs, make some cocktails and even though I'm almost 28, mum will make us all feel our presents and try to guess what she's got us and never confirm or deny grin
What are your family traditions for Christmas Eve?

themumfairy Thu 21-Sep-17 15:09:09

Normally elf on the shelf brings them their Xmas eve boxes and we do a special breakfast. Last minute wrapping and Christmas movies until dh family comes round. We live with dh nan as she is bedridden so we all sit round her bed with all our dc which is chaos but lovely. We all bring something to share, mince pies, celebrations etc and swap gifts. I make hot chocolate in the slow cooker and have little bowls with marshmallows, candy cakes, sprinkles etc for everyone. Once they've gone we usually have teatime, bath time and into their new Pjs from elf. We put out santas plate with his snack, drink and Rudolphs carrot. We sprinkle our reindeer dust outside. Another Christmas film before a Christmas story and bed. A couple of years ago the international space station passed by at 8ish and that was really magical. The dc still talk about seeing santa now. I've been trying to sort out my Rota at work as I work but writing this has made me realise I don't want to work Xmas eve.

themumfairy Thu 21-Sep-17 15:11:49

*work nights that should of said. I was too excited writing it to notice any typos

AbiBranning Thu 21-Sep-17 15:27:31

Bowling at lunch, then food, movies and boardgames back at ours, with elf leaving a Christmas Eve hamper sometime in the early evening, with PJ's and bath bits.

SunSeptember Thu 21-Sep-17 16:28:15

I must admit we have never found our Xmas Eve groove. Three that stand out were local town, tiny production of snow Queen...that was good, DH working... then nutcracker collesum London And cafe royal after for amazing hot chocolate, then last year at Disney on Ice was fun. But we're quite limited by youngest as too what we do. She won't sit through films or let us...stuff like that...

SunSeptember Thu 21-Sep-17 16:28:52

I wish we had family too go to cosy pubs with 😀

IdaDown Thu 21-Sep-17 16:36:55

We always watch Scroodged - Bill Murray film.

Badders08 Thu 21-Sep-17 16:40:28

Home alone dvd
Usually go to pils for a meal and open dc gifts there
Then home
Carols from kings
Then wrapping the stocking gifts when 36ff are in bed
Lovely 🎄🎁

Badders08 Thu 21-Sep-17 16:40:43

When dc are in bed!!

yawning801 Thu 21-Sep-17 16:43:11

Blackadder's Christmas Carol on UK gold after the late church service! Can't wait!

NerosFiddle Thu 21-Sep-17 16:54:04

I'm due on 20th so don't know what I'll be doing this year.

Normally go out early to pick up last minute fresh food. Then sit in a coffee shop and people watch. Go home and get peeping for the big day while listening to Christmas music.

We have a buffet style tea when dh get home from work and watch Muppets Christmas Carol and have a glass of mulled wine.

Christmas Eve mass then home to watch Fr Ted Christmas special.

My ds was only a few week old last year so didn't get to do most of this last year either. I think I'll have to get new traditions going.

AccrualIntentions Thu 21-Sep-17 16:56:18

Usually, I work during the day, come home about 4, watch something like Home Alone and eat some Yule log with DH. Then evening Mass with my parents and any siblings that are visiting, glass of wine, home to watch whatever is on TV. This year we'll have a small baby so the usual routine will have gone out the window.

PhuntSox Thu 21-Sep-17 17:16:03

We go to the theater or cinema, I love the feeling of going home on Christmas Eve!

megletthesecond Thu 21-Sep-17 17:21:09

Home Alone.
Tea time nativity service at church. and I cry at little donkey .

stargirl1701 Thu 21-Sep-17 17:25:47

Christmas Tree up and decorated. Bake gingerbread men and make popcorn. Church at 4ish. Home for a picnic under the tree and then watch the 1960s version of How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Christmas PJs on. Gingerbread men and carrot out at the fireplace. Read 'Twas the Night. Bedtime.

Sort out the gifts after DC are asleep. A wee glass of gunshot gin. Bed!

Cailleach666 Thu 21-Sep-17 17:32:35

Christmas eve is my favourite day of the festive season.

Prep of veg, tidy the house, all shopping done, eveything wrapped.
OH in charge of the cooking.
DD and I will bake some cookies for santa in the afternoon, then we have friiends come over around 5pm, light the candles in the conservatory and have mulled wine and fizz while we listen to Carols from Kings.
Evening will be a take away ( to keep the kitchen tidy) then watch Polar express, check Santa on Norad, then hang stockings before bed.

tigercub50 Thu 21-Sep-17 17:33:48

I always feel I should do more during the day on Christmas Eve & last year we took DD to see Santa at a local attraction which was really lovely. Might book it again this year. Our meal varies - I don't like anything heavy as there's such a big dinner the next day. We do the traditional things like putting out a carrot & a glass of milk & sprinkling reindeer dust on the front doorstep. As we'll be in our new house, I will start a new tradition there. DD isn't very good at concentrating on films but DH & I watch Love Actually after she's gone to bed & after sharing the veg prep. I still get so excited on Christmas Eve & it takes me a while to drop off! Big kid!

Ellapaella Thu 21-Sep-17 17:44:45

Christmas Eve day we go out for lunch then do a panto in the afternoon. Get home around 5, I like to go to the church service with any dc that I can persuade to come with me. Get home around 6.30 and dh will have made a big buffet style tea and have it all laid out on the table and we help ourselves.
We watch a Christmas film such as the Snowman or Home Alone all together and then the kids all get a present (usually Christmas pyjamas). Then we do bath and bed for youngest ones, obviously hanging up stockings and leaving mince pie for Santa and a carrot for Rudolph. While they are in bed teenager usually watches a film in one room while DH and I do some last minute wrapping and sort out stockings and presents for the morning while drinking out favourite booze.

BeyondThePage Thu 21-Sep-17 17:48:33

Eat chocolate

Drink Baileys

Watch crappy TV

(parents of 2 teenagers, lots of lounging about)

Ellapaella Thu 21-Sep-17 17:52:03

Badders grin when you've put your 36ff to bed!

RuggerHug Thu 21-Sep-17 17:53:38

It's a wonderful life is on in the afternoon (with a Christmas candle and the fire on), then the muppets Christmas Carol and out for an Indian before I go to my DPs. This is the first year with DS so will be Indian delivered and staying to get ready for Santasmile

chuntersalot Thu 21-Sep-17 17:56:21

I've just booked Afternoon Tea at a posh hotel in the Lakes (short drive from home) Done this for a few years now and love it

NetballHoop Thu 21-Sep-17 18:00:10

Everyone and the dog out for a long walk in the morning.

In the afternoon watch a cheesy Xmas film.

Then put mince pies, brandy and carrot on the hearth so DH Santa can have a nice drink and a snack.

elQuintoConyo Thu 21-Sep-17 18:01:26

AM walk the dog.
DH will go for lunch with Fil, Sil and Bil (they usually come for Christmas lunch but it has been a turbulent year and neither DH nor i will have them in the house).
PM walk the dog with torches and the dog has a light that flashes intermittently- we live next to woods, it is very exciting. Our 6yo loves it.
Home for Caga Tio (the Catalan log that poos gifts, see pic). He poos a Christmas dvd and some chocolate, this year i have colourful LED lights for Ds' room.
Prepare biscuit, glass of Baileys, Rudolph's water and carrot.
Watch the film, have some hot chocolate. Put DS to bed. We don't bother with Norad as it doesn't come near us until around midnight and last year DS was bored shitless!
DH takes the dog out for a final wee and to listen for sleighbells and i put out presents, stockings, and lay the table for the morning.
Then something on tv with wine/FC's Baileys and bed.

WhatWouldTheDoctorDo Thu 21-Sep-17 18:09:04

Normally rush home from work, finish housework, buffet tea, put out carrot and milk after DC bath and then finish wrapping presents with fizz and Christmas carols later.

This year though, I'm going to do all the running around on Sat, go to the theatre on Christmas Eve afternoon and have a much more relaxing evening!

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