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1st December Box??

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SisterViktorine Sat 10-Sep-16 20:52:20

Quite a few of the things I have considered for Christmas Eve box would benefit from longer use (pajamas, Christmas bedding, nice bauble, books etc) and I am now thinking of having the box on 1st December.

DS is 6 and we only started Christmas Eve box last year- so time to fiddle with it before it is a 'tradition'. I thought the elf could arrive in it too.

DH and I put the tree up after bedtime on 30th November so box could arrive with the tree.

No idea why I need mumsnet permission but I can do this, right?!

eyebrowsonfleek Sat 10-Sep-16 20:55:08

You can do what you like. grin

lousmum Sat 10-Sep-16 20:58:11

We have a 1st of December box (3 actually) which has in it all the Christmas books and DVD's, Advent candles and calendar, Christmas bedding, Christmas mugs and glasses and Christmas slippers. We love Christmas grin

AndOnAndOn Sat 10-Sep-16 20:58:41

We do this for those exact reasons- pj's, tree decorations/ choc, festive kitchen roll etc, all used throughout December!

2014newme Sat 10-Sep-16 21:00:28

We get everything out first weekend in December when we out up the decorations. Cds, crockery, napery, books it all gets used throughout December. We don't have elves bringing anything.

thisismyfirsttime Sat 10-Sep-16 21:04:15

I've been doing a Dec 1st box for ages, maybe not a 'box' as such but I have a big box in the garage with the Christmas scented candles and spray stuff, CD's, a massive Christmas blanket we throw over the sofa for snuggling, bedding for dd, fairy lights and bits and bobs that are themed to hang from door handles and tea towels etc. It's our way of starting Christmas off! I don't do an eve box though, she just opens an eve present that is jammies.

SisterViktorine Sat 10-Sep-16 21:27:52

Thank you very much mumsnet.. 1st Dec it is!

Oh my, festive kitchen roll and mugs. I need to go into this in more detail!!

RJnomore1 Sat 10-Sep-16 21:29:28

We have a Xmas DVD for that evening, some treats to eat, the advent calendars and the stockings.

Chillywhippet Sat 10-Sep-16 23:45:53

Reused stuff - duvet covers, CDs, story books,
New every year - calendar, Christmas pasta and loo roll!

featherpillow Sat 10-Sep-16 23:58:33

We do 1st Dec instead of Christmas Eve too for that reason.
I cant wait!

WhoKnowsWhereTheTimeG0es Sun 11-Sep-16 00:06:56

Yes, we do 1st December box, I really don't think Christmas Eve needs presents, we don't do Elves and I like to get more use out of things.

Xmas bedding, teatowels, mugs, kitchen roll and loo roll come out, a Christmas jigsaw, DVDs (usually get a new one every year), books, advent calendars, Christmas music put on Ipods.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 11-Sep-16 00:09:12

My DS has a December birthday so I tend to wait till after then .
But we have a gorgeous little advent tree (resin with a cupboard and 24 little decorations) it would be sacrilidge if it wasn't used.
And the bedding goes on Dec 1st (though DD likes her winter bedding right after Hallowe'en)

I like any Beauty or Pamper things at the beginning of December to use in the run up.

Havingkittens04 Sun 11-Sep-16 05:46:54

I add Christmas craft sets, sticker and activity books to my DDs Christmas hamper too fwink

tanya1312 Sun 11-Sep-16 08:26:25

Elves arrive on the 1st with goodies, pj's Xmas cups etc, and the next day while kids are at school the 'elves' change their bedding xx

siblingrevelryagain Sun 11-Sep-16 08:33:36

I do the kids their own gift box/bag on 1st Dec (pj's, dvd, book, Xmas pen/stationary, Xmas badge/hair bobbles etc). Over the past few years I've started doing them for my mom and sister too-Xmas candle, Xmas hand cream/wash etc. you can pick bits up fairly cheaply and make a nice little advent gift.

Peopleplease Sun 11-Sep-16 08:44:52

I'm doing this this year. Just seems to make more sence than a Christmas Eve box!

BettyOBarley Sun 11-Sep-16 08:48:09

Oh I love this idea!

Last year I did the Xmas eve box with DD who was 2 and put a few Xmas sticker / colouring books in etc but they never got used with all the new toys the next day so were put away for this year, it makes much more sense to do it on 1st Dec!

lostlalaloopsy Sun 11-Sep-16 11:36:59

I do this too!! On 1st Dec our elf arrives with advent calendars, Christmas blankets, books and DVDs. I usually put in a crafty Christmas thing too. I put the same blankets, books and DVDs in every year!!

On Christmas Eve their elf leaves them new pjs (I don't bother with xmas pjs), toothbrushes, bubble bath, expanding facecloths and usually some red door food as its his last day. I think we'll put in some hot chocolate and marshmallows this year too.

OvO Sun 11-Sep-16 13:51:24

I do both boxes. grin

Only done the 1st December boxes for the last two years and they were a huge hit.

I usually put in:
Cola bottle with Rudolph or one of the other deer names printed on.
Bar of chocolate
Christmassy mug/glass
Christmassy hot water bottle
Pack of cards to send to classmates
Gold and silver pens for writing cards
Small craft kit
Paperchain kit

Plus the Christmas duvets get put on their beds.

i love it, it's such a nice way to start the month. Helps spread it all out and not make it just about one day.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 11-Sep-16 20:42:44

I reckon my new Tradition will be a Dec 1st Box fgrin
I have two teenagers so I could give DD some nice make-up and bath things (I don't think my son will go for the make-up fwink )


Big bar of chocolate or selection box
Printouts of ticket for an event/cinema or similar
Christmas underwear so they can start wearing it in December. DS doesn't 'do' Christmas undercrackers, he can have plaid.
PJs (wintery ones)

Then the CEH will be smaller but things for the Night Before christmas

ilovelamp82 Thu 15-Sep-16 09:33:37

Yep, I do 1st December box too. Advent calendar, christmas candles, christmas pyjamas, a chocolate santa, christmas blankets, christmas bedding, christmas candles, christmas cups, christmas cups and socks.

Bibs2014 Thu 15-Sep-16 14:23:09

I do mine on 1 December too! you get more use out of the Xmas PJs then!

Some great ideas to steal from here. DS is only 2 so last year he didn't get much in his box, only PJs, a colouring book and a small book but can add to it this year. SO EXCITING!

Bibs2014 Thu 15-Sep-16 14:25:13

Oh and advent calendar!

Notsure1234 Thu 15-Sep-16 21:28:28

Love this idea!

ConstantlyCooking Sat 17-Sep-16 00:30:07

I have lots of Christmassy mugs, towels etc which I get out on the first Sunday of Advent. I have a Scandinavian friend who has a complete set of Advent decorations and accessories including curtains and table cloths.

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