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Star Wars Hamper - Ideas Needed!

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CookieMonstersAngryTwin Thu 20-Aug-15 12:58:05

After much deliberation I've decided to do dh a Star Wars themed hamper and so far want to add a lego set, keychain and mini lightsaber... I can't think of anything else! Ideas muchly appreciated.

On a side note, is anyone else doing similar and what are you including in yours?

Iloveonionchutney Thu 20-Aug-15 13:03:02

What about clothing or underwear, my dh wants a Jedi robe dressing gown! There are lots of books and annuals about too at the moment.try websites like Geek for ideas too.

Iloveonionchutney Thu 20-Aug-15 13:06:35

Actually Geek is an App Store you'd need to download but worth it.

TeaPleaseLouise Thu 20-Aug-15 13:09:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Luciferbox Thu 20-Aug-15 13:13:21

Primark had some lovely chunky headphones for a £5 and a few other bits and bobs. Sainsburys also have a sale on Lego as my DS has been eyeing up the star wars sets. Oh and they gave a Star Wars doodle book that looks good.

Tangoandcreditcards Thu 20-Aug-15 13:16:51

all sorts of stuff here

I bought the han solo/princess leia mugs but was disappointed to discover they were tiny mugs, not proper ones. (didn't read the description)

Someone sent me some han-solo-in-carbonite ice cube trays a few years ago. Han-dy.

Tangoandcreditcards Thu 20-Aug-15 13:17:55

PS GREAT idea. I like the idea of a themed hamper!

Tangoandcreditcards Thu 20-Aug-15 13:19:10

I especially like these

Spikeinhiscoat Thu 20-Aug-15 13:20:40

DC have the Lego torches in the shape of characters - one has Darth Vader, complete with detachable, light-up light sabre, and the other has a Boba Fett on a stand so it can also be used as a nightlight.

Zurgle Thu 20-Aug-15 13:51:22

I'm getting DH these:

fuzzpig Thu 20-Aug-15 14:11:06

OnHerMajestysSecretCervix Thu 20-Aug-15 14:15:44

Last year DP received a Darth Vader cup and a Lightsaber torch keyring in his stocking.

This year I have picked up a Darth pez dispenser for a stocking present.

How about some Star Wars lego?

I'm doing a Fallout themed hamper and a joint gaming hamper this year.

radiantradish Thu 20-Aug-15 14:18:34

I have these. You can make cookies and then use them to cut out icing. You could then wrap them in a cellophane bag?

These are great Pez

Disney Store has loads of cool SW things Disney

teabagsmummy Thu 20-Aug-15 14:19:06

hi i got juggling balls from tkmaxxwith the death star on them,poundland had darth vader moulding bath foam spray, i got my dh from disney store a darth vader voice changer.I also think build a bear have star wars soft toys just now

lostluggage Thu 20-Aug-15 14:22:34

I've got a Millenium Falcon bottle opener, Star Wars underwear and socks. The computer game Star Wars Battlefront comes out before Christmas.
With the new movie coming out in December, I would wait to
see what new products come out. Hoping for no nasty surprises like Jar Jar Binks.

lostluggage Thu 20-Aug-15 14:23:22

I saw some very cute Star Wars cuddly toys in Clinton Cards like R2D2.

TrionicLettuce Thu 20-Aug-15 14:29:19

You do have to order from the US but Think Geek do some very cool Star Wars stuff I've not seen over here.

Darth Vader and Son is adorable, as is Vader's Little Princess.

There's a good range of Star Wars Funko POP! Vinyls.

WaitingForMe Thu 20-Aug-15 14:34:36

My kids call Pocky Sticks, 'Chocolate Light Sabres.'

xalyssx Thu 20-Aug-15 14:55:28

Bellebella Thu 20-Aug-15 15:01:14

A lot of my oh's Christmas presents this year are Star Wars. He has got:

Star Wars beach towel
2x Star Wars t-shirt
Star Wars notepad and pen
Star Wars PS3 game

I got most of it in sales though so only around £20 for all, there are a lot of Star Wars stuff you can get.

tropicalphilosophical Fri 21-Aug-15 07:18:40

Star Wars pez dispenser, Disney store have a good range of Star Wars clothes for adults and kids and mugs ect
Also seen Star Wars pjamas and t-shirts in primark for all ages

Jedi robe dressing gown/bath robe is a mustgrin I'm getting ds one for Christmas.

Primark have Yoda Pez dispensers in at the moment. The also have really cool Star Wars lounge pants, bought some for ds and he's in love with them.

If you search star wars on Amazon you are bound to find lots of cool and random things coming up,after the obvious DVDs etc

chanie44 Fri 21-Aug-15 13:14:48

Cinema tickets for the new film.

It comes out a few days before Xmas so I'd also buy a few bits from the new film, as I think that will go down well with a fan.

JacobFryesTopHatLackey Sat 22-Aug-15 11:47:15

If you have a console, star wars battlefront is out later this year.
I agree about the pop vinyls and darth Vader and son books (which also come a calendar). Love the idea of cinema tickets for the new film.

Oh and truffleshuffle is great.

balletgirlmum Sat 22-Aug-15 15:45:14

Rymans have a set of Star Wars coloured pencils in a tub made to look like a light sabre.

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