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Compensatin for delayed/failed supermarket deliveries..

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Hulababy Thu 23-Dec-10 11:57:59

Just wondered if anyone else has recieved anything.

I was due a Waitrose delivery between 11 and 1 today. Got a call at 10 to say that it would be delayed til later this afternoon but they culdn't say how long. But I could collect from the store if I prefered, which is what I chose to do as I have plans later. So collected at 11:15am

As compensatin Waitrose have given me £25 gift voucher for John Lewis/Waitrose and a bottle of champagne!

Not bad compensation at all.

Was very impressed. Well done Waitrose.

As for the shopping - only thing not got are figs, a fair few subs but most seem fine.

DunderMifflin Thu 23-Dec-10 12:00:55

Ooh - our Tesco order was cancelled, they said we could collect from the store but it was bedlam and they couldn't find our order so we had to do the shop ourselves (nice!).

I was wondering about compensation because they haven't mentioned it - when I explained what had happened to my DD (8yrs) she said we should have said 'well then, I'd like 30 quid please!'

Perhaps she's onto something..!

gillybean2 Thu 23-Dec-10 12:03:07

Lucky you. I got my delivery cost (£3) refunded when my tesco delivery was late. And then when it didn't turn up at all they simply cancelled the whole order, didn't attempt to redeliver or offer choice to collect. I then had to completely re order it. Wouldn't mind but there was NO snow here at the time and the excuse that the driver couldn't find my house didn't wash because we live on a no through road and I looked out window every time i heard a vehicle (from 8pm to 11pm) and the van did not come up our road and has in any case been here many times before. PLus I had phoned them 3 times to be told there was no issue with my delivery, just running late angry

chrimblycompo Thu 23-Dec-10 12:03:22

My tesco order was two hours late on Monday
didn't get a call to say it's been delayed
got £5 back

£25 and champagne would have been better grin

Hulababy Thu 23-Dec-10 12:24:44

I didn't ask to have for compensation. She handed me an envelope as I arrived and the champagne was waiting in the top box of shopping.

headfairy Thu 23-Dec-10 12:27:34

wow, that's impressive. Waitrose rang me up on Tuesday to say my order would be late, supposed to be between 2 and 4pm, would in all likelihood be after 5pm. They actually came early, at about 1.30pm with a very bouncy young man who'd obviously been having faaar too much Christmas chocolate grin

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