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What nothing yet from dear DotFox about L**L****UK??

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ForzaDelDestino Sun 05-Sep-10 21:03:47


ForzaDelDestino Sun 05-Sep-10 21:05:30

dang those pesky *s


[rolls eyes at self]

CornishKK Mon 06-Sep-10 14:29:15

Oh don't, I read it last year and thought it sounded amazing, told my sister about, said we'll take PFB's as soon as they are old enough. Then a wise old Mumsnetter disillusioned me. grin

kreecherlivesupstairs Mon 13-Sep-10 14:51:36


werewolf Mon 13-Sep-10 19:42:05

I'd forgotten that - took some decoding! grin

DanceInTheDark Mon 13-Sep-10 19:43:04


mumoverseas Tue 14-Sep-10 20:30:58

ooh, its that time of year again for the PR luvvies to start. Will have to keep an eye out for her, always good comedy work grin
Maybe someone should start a thread asking if anyone is going/if its any good? That will bring her out

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