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Appalled at amazon seller

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BuddingBaker · 29/03/2020 11:00

So we're stuck indoors for no-one knows how long and DP and I decide to get our 12 month old DD a foam play mat for the living room as a nice little colourful, soft place for her to play. Bit of browsing and I find a lovely one on amazon for a reasonable price, sounds perfect. Each tile has a picture on it (plane, trumpet, car etc) and it looks like just that - a picture printed on the tile. I look through description, no mention of small parts or pieces coming apart from the tiles, even recommends the mat for tummy time and learning to crawl. Absolutely no age warnings. Perfect, so I order and it arrives next day.

I laid it out straight away for DD thinking each tile was one whole piece and spend a couple minutes wondering why I have a circle piece and no corners before realising it's the 4 corners joined together as the textured surface makes it really hard to see the join line between pieces. Think nothing of it, leave DD to play with them while DP and I get on with bits and bobs in the same room to keep an eye on her. She is very excited and starts pulling the tiles apart from one another, not a problem as description said it's all large pieces etc. Then she starts choking. I rush over and get this small piece of foam out of her mouth, then look around and realise that the tile she was playing with has several small pieces of foam to make up the image, DP picks up the tiles and finds at least one small piece of foam in each one, most of which are smaller than the piece DD decided to eat.

Back on amazon and I look at other foam tile sets. Alphabet ones also have tiny parts and come with a warning of not suitable for under 3s, I double check description for the one I have, no such warning. I message amazon about it as I am somewhat angry that there was no warning about small parts, or even acknowledgement of them as it isnt immediately obvious that they arent solid tiles, particularly if they havent already been taken apart. Amazon say to email the seller about it and ask for a refund as well, so I do and wake up this morning to find an email saying it is 'impossible' for a 12 month old to choke on any part of these tiles as they are too big (30cm x 30cm)

This has really annoyed me. Not only are they completely denying the fact that their product has small parts (probably because I'm pretty sure trading standards would require a warning which they dont have) but they are dismissing the fact that my DD has found a small part and then choked on it. I dont think I would be as annoyed if it weren't for all the reviews from people saying they leave their 7 month old playing on it while they go cook dinner etc etc because there is no warning and I hate the idea of a child being left unattended as a result, picking up one of the smaller pieces and choking without an adult around to help. I have emailed the company back with several photos of the small pieces but recieved no response and amazon don't seem to be doing anything about it. Is there any where else to report it to make sure they acknowledge and warn people of the choke risk? At the moment the description actually encourages using it for young babies.

OP posts:
playthestation · 29/03/2020 12:50

This OP? The tick boxes are for design and the information is shown at the bottom. It's in the clear plastic in the picture so it not as if it could have been missed out - it's packaged with the tiles.

Appalled at amazon seller
playthestation · 29/03/2020 12:50

Of course click pic for full size

playthestation · 29/03/2020 12:52

Urgh. The site has made the image shit. The red circle, bottom towards the left is a 'not for 0-3'

YippeeKayakOtherBuckets · 29/03/2020 13:18

The description of the product is written in the mangled ‘Chinglish’ that you get on the mass produced stuff from China. Usually means it’s a knock off of a legit product 🤷‍♀️

BuddingBaker · 29/03/2020 13:21

The packaging was binned so I cant double check but I'm fairly sure it was just plastic wrap, nothing more. That was one of the review pictures so I've had a look on amazon for a clearer image and it does have the not for 0-3 symbol, but it's not for the same product as the product number in the description (F_TOY007) isnt listed there. Obviously there is a chance that sheet was included and I missed it, but even so there should be one for the actual product with the product number on it at least and a clear warning on the product listing.

I'm happy to admit that I should have thoroughly checked it when it arrived. That's on me, not a problem, but they need to make it clear it's not suitable for under 3s before you buy, not just a small symbol on the corner of a sheet for a different product range after you've already paid for it.

OP posts:
playthestation · 29/03/2020 13:21

Just to note, this wasn't 'cheap shit from China', it's actually quite expensive compared to similar foam tile sets I've seen in my local shops that normally go for about £2.50 for a pack of 10.

They are the same thing though. You have bought cheap shit from China, you just got ripped off and paid more than it's worth.

Why does it have to be expensive to be suitable for a baby?

It doesn't. As you have just shown. You paid over the odds for some shit foam.

BuddingBaker · 29/03/2020 13:40

Playthestation - Fair enough, I get what you're saying. I took your original comment as meaning it was lower quality because of the low price (a lot of sets on amazon are £25+) so tried to convey that it's no better or worse than any other foam play mat. Foam is foam. At that price, I think it's quite expensive but local shops are closed so there was no alternative. Apologies for the misunderstanding, I've not slept well.

On a brighter note, I've managed to find a bigger set of plain foam tiles for my DD and will donate this one to a local preschool when they reopen.

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