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Hamster advice

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Piffyonarockbun · 29/10/2020 18:37

We will be getting a hamster in the next few days. I had hamsters many moons ago when I was a student but times have moved on. Ive bought a huge cage with a deep bit at the bottom to burrow. Im also aware I now need to buy big wheels as the little ones are bad for their backs and I need a sand bath I think?

I've had Syrians and robrowskis (spelling?). I know we can have one syrian but robrowskis can be kept in pairs. My DD is 6 and although they won't be her pets (she will be helping but i am ultimately responsible for them as she's 6 obviously Grin) I'm hoping to get one she can handle. Im thinking a syrian may be better for that. Although I remember my syrians being bitey fuckers, the robs less so.

So ultimately I need advice on accessories and am I better getting one syrian or 2 robs and the best way of making them less bitey Grin.

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BooseysMom · 02/12/2020 11:52

So, we got the Savic Metro Hamster Heaven cage in the sale and it is massive! Mr Saddlebags will truly be in hamster heaven! We introduced him to it and he promptly went to sleep in one of the bubble dens. I do wonder whether we'll see much of him in there as there are alot of bubbles and tubes.
He also scented the cage with his urine which really smells horrendous. He also wee'd on me the other day and it was just horrific!!

I thought he was poorly as he had a lump behind his leg but realised it was a piece of carrot he'd stuffed in his saddlebag!!

hopingforonlychild · 02/12/2020 17:49

@BooseysMom he will learn to use his sandbath and will wee there. Cuddles has learnt that and it doesn't smell anymore.

BooseysMom · 02/12/2020 19:42

@hopingforonlychild.. thanks, that's good to know. He hasn't got a sand bath in his current cage but the new one has one. DH is still battling with building it. It makes IKEA furniture seem like stickle-bricks!!

BooseysMom · 03/12/2020 16:08

In his new house..god love him!

Hamster advice
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