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Who fancies a guinea pig thread?

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diplodocusocious · 19/04/2015 21:09

Here are my two bruisers :)

Who fancies a guinea pig thread?
OP posts:
70isaLimitNotaTarget · 24/04/2015 18:06

6.30am (during the week) sees me rolling out of bed to wander down to the Pihouse with the breakfast veg in hand .

In winter, I trundle down at 6.30 to put their heater on and fresh hay and newspaper before Their Majesties are transferred at 7.30 before we all make our way to school/work.

(At weekends , they've learned that I'm rubbish before coffee and a lie-in Grin . They live off their fat for an hour )

alr86x · 07/05/2015 10:34

Do you tend to not let piggies run about the house because they make mess or is it usually ok? Also, do they cost a lot to keep?

alr86x · 07/05/2015 10:42

Do piggies cost a lot to keep? And are they hard to look after?

ImBrian · 07/05/2015 20:31

I have 3 baby sows who we've had just under a month. Unfortunately a week or so after we got them they started getting funny patches in their fur and it turned out they are riddled with ringworm!

The pet shop suggested they be returned and swapped for different ones but I turned them down. The place was scruffy and I didn't trust what the 'treatment' would be.

So I have 3 slightly scabby, slightly bald girls as well as a dose of ringworm myself. It's a good job they're cute!

al I think they're more expensive then you expect. There's the hutch/cage initially but then there's hay, pellets, veg which prob comes to about £10 a week. Then there's the vet! Mine wanted almost £100 to treat ringworm in one pig, I paid £20 for consultation and then ordered shampoo for £25 from the internet so a bit cheaper but still almost £50. Worth thinking about those costs as well.

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