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Adding new GPs to a now lone one, whats best?

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Needsmorecake · 23/04/2014 17:53

We now have a lone GP since the death of one of our piggies yesterday. Shes 3.

Ive got the chance of getting one baby, ( for £20)

or 3 adopted ones who are six months ( for £25)

what would be best?

Part of me thinks the singular one would be best, as its more likely to bond quicker with the other one, and then ill have to add another baby in a few months time ( as i want 3 now)

BUT, the 3 adopted gps are such a good price, are 6 months old, i know they get on, my only resevation is they might not bond with the one we already have as they are a group.

Im just after any advice

OP posts:
Needsmorecake · 26/04/2014 20:09

The ginger one is now running about making happy noises and eating tons of food, so im much happier :)

They are really lovely piggies

OP posts:
70isaLimitNotaTarget · 26/04/2014 20:56

It's early early days.
Your little ginger piggie might just be more shy (she's the younger one? )

We have a Rex boar and my DD gets a red skin mark ( it fades quickly) when she cuddles him near her face. No breathing problems, and no trouble with her smooth boy or our previous Abby, just the coarse fur of the Rex.
(I saw some online GP forum chats about the same thing)

Rex are lovely, solid, cuddly creatures. I have no trouble with his fur, maybe my DD is more sensitive skinned.
Or I should try washing him Grin

It doesn't stop her though - "You been cuddling Dill?"......." Maybe "

You might have no trouble, but just something to look out for.

Needsmorecake · 27/04/2014 09:45

Do you know anything about fleece for cages? i currently use wood shavings, and thats great.... My original GP was really good and only poohed in one corner... but i was wondering about fleece, how it works and if its more hastle/ costly?

OP posts:
70isaLimitNotaTarget · 27/04/2014 15:14

Fleece is good because any fluid (pee) wicks through and leaves the surface dry, but you need something under it like newspaper. The poohs stick to it, you need to shake or brush them off.
Only trouble I found was everything else sticks - hay, fur, paper shreddings. If you put them in a pillowcase to wash (I tie with string) then it stops your machine clogging up.

I sometimes give a fleece or a folded old towel in winter (they are in the small bedroom in winter nights and have hay in a trug)
I found they do 90% of their pee and poo at night , the outdoor house stayed quite clean in winter

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