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My guinea pigs will be okay outside, won't they?

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Alliwantisaroomsomewhere · 08/07/2012 20:15

We are in Surrey and it is pretty wet, though not anywhere near as bad as other parts of England. We have moved our baby boars outside today - they are about 4 months old. They are in a wooden hutch, off the ground, with back-to-nature bedding, a little grass hut thingy, toys, a cardboard tube, water, hay, food, nibbles.... will they be okay?

They looked quite scared earlier but I really cannot have them inside. We have one living area and I childmind so the children are constantly knocking or banging the cage or sticking things in it. Not ideal.

I am hoping our boys will settle well outside. We will obviously be aware of heat and cold!!!

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70isaLimitNotaTarget · 08/07/2012 22:56

That is really cute! They love little tunnels and hidey spaces.

My hogs have a soft plush petbed (that only GP2 sits in) and a willow hedgehog house (with newspaper and a towel or fleece in the opposite corner to the Haybox) that they use as a toilet (they still pee in the Haybox though)

They have their Judgy Pants hoiked up soooo high I'm surprised they've not castrated themselves. Grin.

Alliwantisaroomsomewhere · 09/07/2012 08:18

Grin hahaha!

Love the hegdehog house idea!

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70isaLimitNotaTarget · 10/07/2012 21:09

Were the little guys okay?
Once they got used to their new home?

I (personally) think guinea-pigs love a bit of outside living, just doing hog-things.

Ours come wheek-wheek-wheeking to the door in the morning (for breakfast, not the excitment of seeing me Grin ).
My DD goes into their shed and plays with them, and they have an evening cuddle, so lots of check-ups and time spent with them.

I'd just love to give them some outdoor run time on the grass, but it doesn't stay dry long enough Sad

Alliwantisaroomsomewhere · 12/07/2012 09:21

The boys have been fine, thanks, 70! They are getting used to it, and don't seem quite as scared as they used to be.

DH usually brings them in early evening for a fuss and some treats. I am also looking forward to being able to put ours in their run on the grass sometime! We tried 10 days ago and no sooner had we put them out, than it started to pour.

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