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Can anyone tell me about dupe perfumes?

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ditavonteesed · 12/06/2022 15:24

Went shopping today with the thought of trying some new perfumes. Found 2 that I love, floral street electric rhubarb which is fine and I am willing to pay the price of. The other one however is Tom ford lost cherry, it didn't have the price on in the shop I had to Google it and blimey I definitely can't stretch to that. So does anyone know if there are perfumes similar or dupes that are good?

OP posts:

Mumsperfume · 17/03/2023 20:53

I know my daughter regularly uses Milton Lloyd Stars it's very close to Mugler Alien.


Oldhorse · 18/03/2023 22:13

Marks and Spencer perfumes are absolutely tops dupes!
£5 for 30ml and dupes for Chanel 5, Jo Malone, Opium, CK, Si, Lancôme.
I got all of them this week as just so great.


Ladybug14 · 18/03/2023 22:33

Funkypickle · 12/06/2022 17:21

Lost cherry dupe I get from essence vault. Number 444. Its insanely close to the original. It's my daily go to and cheap as well at £25.



CinnamonJellyBeans · 19/03/2023 00:46

I bought a few perfume parlour dupes, inspired by mumsnet. Some had a rough undertone and they didn't smell much like the originals and smelled even less like them as the day wore on. The top note was there, but no depth.

I'd rather wear something that's been designed properly, like Avon/Zara/Calvin Klein/celebrity but is still relatively inexpensive


womblesofwimbledon5 · 19/03/2023 02:23

I get all our perfumes and aftershaves from FM they have all been amazing! The Lost Cherry copy is gorgeous. I always get them when they are on offer for about £10

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