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Silk pillowcases - worth it?

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ApplesAndCheese · 24/02/2020 22:28

Just that, really! Do they really help with bed hair and creased face first thing?

I'm quite tempted by a set I've seen with accompanying silk eye mask, although that may be overkill Grin

Oh the glamour!

OP posts:
Lily193 · 24/02/2020 22:35

Definitely - silk pillow case plus matching eye mask here. Not a single face crease and beautifully smooth hair every morning.

PontiacBandit · 24/02/2020 22:40

Yes absolutely I love mine. I buy from ebay direct from Vietnam. I've just ordered some darker ones as my hair dye ruins the white ones I buy and I can't wash with anything too harsh.
Soft, smooth tangle free hair and no pillow creases on the face.

BunnytheBee · 24/02/2020 22:40

Silk or satin?

I have satin pillowcases that I used every night. We both have them, DH and I. I also have a satin eye mask. I must say I have never really noticed creases on my face anyway but I have curly hair and the pillowcase definitely helps keep frizz at bay.

PontiacBandit · 24/02/2020 22:41

I have an eye mask but I end up taking it off in my sleep.

PontiacBandit · 24/02/2020 22:42

I have had satin but they're too shiny for me, felt my pillow slipping too much.

HundredMilesAnHour · 24/02/2020 22:48

I always use silk pillowcases. I just love them. They feel so lovely on my skin. And when I'm sleeping alone, I also wear a silk eye mask and a silk hair wrap. I'm a little obsessed!!! Definitely recommend though. I get mine from Ebay from an American seller. Best quality and good prices.

I also have a silk filled duvet plus silk duvet cover but it constantly slides off the bed as I'm a bit of a nightime wriggler.Blush I used to live in Asia so I'm addicted to silk and have quite a lot of silk I bought when I was there.

Muckycat · 24/02/2020 22:48

I love mine, it doesn't absorb all of my face creams and I wake up feeling like my skin has actually absorbed the stuff I put on. Plus it stays feeling cool to the touch, bliss!

TheVeryHungryTortoise · 24/02/2020 22:50

Definitely worth the investment! Mine are from Lilysilk

Abelino · 24/02/2020 23:09

They really help stop my curly hair getting too tangled and frizzy overnight. I use these ones, the underside is cotton so they're not too slippy:

FleurNancy · 24/02/2020 23:47

I've been meaning to try these for ages, I've just ordered the Jasmine Silk ones with the cotton underside, thank you.

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