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Girls Sandals Recommendations

17 replies

Mrswhatsisname · 10/06/2015 17:46

I'm looking for some sandals for my DD who is 6. I don't want the high st's standard offering of wafer thin sole with no support and silly thin straps. I'd like something good quality, with foot support and sensible straps that are stylish but not overly girly. Practical but still attractive. Possibly that's asking too much but I thought this would be the best place to ask about alternatives to the high st. Any ideas?

OP posts:
ygritte · 10/06/2015 21:03

Amazon always has European brands which are high quality at good prices (which fluctuate daily....50% off one day,full price the next).Look for free returns in the spec. Brands like Umi,Richter,Ricosta mostly have leather uppers,flexi soles with padding.The Umi celia is pretty and sturdy but I paid half the current price.

Mrswhatsisname · 10/06/2015 22:40

Thanks ygritte, I'll have a look.

OP posts:
handmadewithlove · 12/06/2015 16:14

I always buy walking sandals for the children from places like blacks or even sports direct. Depends if you want pretty or practical! Though some are both... eg these

Only1scoop · 12/06/2015 16:15

Garvalin ....have a look on Ebay for a bargain.

pookamoo · 12/06/2015 16:21

I bought these for DD1. Closed in toes foe cycling a must.

Blowninonabreeze · 12/06/2015 16:24

My kids have Birkenstocks every year.

They're robust, secure, withstand the tree climbing etc that mine get up to, but still look nice when needed for smarter occasions.

They also last ( I have 3 daughters so can pass them down , the joules /JL equivalent fell apart)

This year for the first time I've branched out for dd1, who is too big for kids birki, she has saltwater sandals I'm hoping they'll be as robust. So far (5 weeks) so good!

haggisaggis · 12/06/2015 16:26

Used to get Ricosta ones for dd (unfortunately she's nearly 13 now so no longer suitable). or Primigi were good too. Ricosta used to do neoprene ones (not sure if they still do or not) that were waterproof so didn't get wrecked if they went paddling in them. Richter and Geox also good.

monkeysmama · 12/06/2015 16:30

Just been through the same myself. Have a look at Liquorice Laces who stock some great brands.

Branleuse · 12/06/2015 17:03

birkenstocks do childrens sandals with arch support

Marylou2 · 12/06/2015 20:08

Boden gladiator type sandals in both gold and silver. DD has both.They are beautifully made and super comfy.She played football in one pair for an hour and not a single rub or sore bit.The sandals held up well too. I'd do a link but I'm uselessGrin They are on the website.

lurkingaround · 13/06/2015 10:19

Blowninonabreeze, can I ask you how is the sizing on the saltwater sandals? I've printed off their size guide but I don't think its right - I come out as a size 9 (I'm an average size 6!)

We have Boden ones this year, back strap is coming away from sole already so I'm disappointed. Ricosta last year, they were great and lovely too. Older DD got a pressie of Agnes Ruiz dela Prada last year, they were fab. Think I'll get saltwaters for both, if I can figure out the sizing.

Blowninonabreeze · 14/06/2015 19:36

Sizing is my nightmare.
Dd1 wears size 4 converse. Size 4 Nike trainers and size 3.5 startrite school shoes.

She's in a size 3 saltwater. So they come up big in my opinion.

But we eventually went to a stockist as I couldn't make head nor tail or the sizing chart!

lurkingaround · 14/06/2015 21:07

Thanks Blowinon. At least I'm not the only one that doesn't get their sizing guide! DD is size 3.5 Converse, size 3 start rite, but growing fast. Will try the 3 I think. Thanks.

ScrambledSmegs · 14/06/2015 21:21

My DDs have the Sun-san (mini saltwater sandals) every year. We buy them at a local shop. They are the only sandals we've ever bought that survive each summer.

Eldest DD is 5. She's in size 10 this year, she's about a size 11 in UK sizes. DD1 has the surfer style and DD2 the swimmers.

Pikkewyn · 14/06/2015 21:26

My girls both wear Keens. They do them in pretty colours (if that's what you want) they are tough and practical, wash in the machine and mine live in them.

JoyceDivision · 14/06/2015 21:28

Camper twins.

DD lived in hers last year and has got some for this summer.

Shop about and spend a while brwosing and you can get them failry cheap.#

for example

NoParking · 14/06/2015 21:30

Pediped Saharas. Washable, toe protection, comfy.

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