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Do you have questions about complexion makeup, finding the perfect colour match and everything beauty-related - Ask iT Cosmetics ambassador Rose Gallagher

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MaddyMumsnet · 22/03/2024 12:53

Created for iT Cosmetics

The world of beauty can feel like a minefield - Why does my foundation look so cakey? Is this concealer giving me spots? Should I be contouring? It’s only 5pm, where’s all my makeup gone?! 

Expert Rose Gallagher, is here to respond to Mumsnetter’s beauty-related questions.

  • Everyone who shares a questions on the thread below by 7/4/24 will be entered into a prize draw
  • One lucky Mumsnet user will win a £200 voucher for a store of their choice
  • Rose will be back on the week commencing the 22nd of April to answer some of your questions
  • Save 10% on IT Cosmetics via Boots, using code 'ITCOSSAVE10'. Offer ends 14th of May

About Rose Gallagher: 
“Rose has worked with IT Cosmetics as their UK and Ireland ambassador since 2018. Having started her career as a makeup artist, she found a passion for writing about beauty and is now a freelance journalist, contributing to the likes of the Times, British Vogue and Glamour magazines. She loves creating content around managing rosacea, a skin condition she was diagnosed with some years ago. On Instagram and TikTok she creates regular tutorial style beauty videos and speaks to a combined audience of over 100k people.”

Here’s what iT Cosmetics has to say: 
“iT Cosmetics is a cosmetics brand specialising in makeup made with skincare, that partners with plastic surgeons and dermatologists to create trusted beauty solutions with clinically proven results. As the brand continues to grow, with its #1 premium CC Cream franchise in the UK*, skin-loving concealers and ultra-plush makeup brushes, so does its mission: to serve all people with products that are truly innovative — and truly work — in order to make the dream of confidence a reality. iT Cosmetics is for anyone who seeks or likes to have skincare ingredients and benefits within their makeup, or skincare that is so effective, you might forget to wear makeup…”
*Source: Circana Group (UK) Ltd, Prestige Makeup Foundation, CC Cream, since Nov 2022, 12 months ending Oct 2023, value sales and unit sales.

Thanks and good luck!

Do you have questions about complexion makeup, finding the perfect colour match and everything beauty-related - Ask iT Cosmetics ambassador Rose Gallagher
chickenpotnoodle · 22/03/2024 15:00

Which high street brand would you recommend using ?

TrustPenguins · 22/03/2024 15:08

How do I work out which shade / colour foundation suits me best?

DinkyDaffodil · 22/03/2024 15:12

What do you recommend for concealing dark circles, and blending this with your foundation ?

youareonlyhereonce · 22/03/2024 15:38

I have not got a clue on how to contour, I would only want a subtle cheekbones, forehead and chin to slim down my face, I need a step by step guide, and give me some confidence - also which brushes are best for applying and mixing and blending my products ?

ProudBird · 22/03/2024 16:47

I have found whatever makeup I use my eyes water are there any anti allergic products about I can try

CheshireCat1 · 22/03/2024 16:48

Hi Rose,
If you could only use two make up products a day which would you choose and what would you advise a 60 year old with pale, dry, sensitive skin, a couple of age spots and sometimes can develop a bit of a high colour on her cheeks?
Thank you.

DrJoanAllenby · 22/03/2024 16:50

What's your favourite primer, especially for larger pores on the nose.?

hollyandivyknickers · 22/03/2024 16:51

I have loads of freckles. I always think foundation looks a bit silly on me.

what should I use. Am 48 - skin is in fairly good nick

LatteFlatte · 22/03/2024 18:45

I'd like a shade of lipstick that makes my teeth look whiter, I hear things about blue toned colours but how can you tell if a colour is blue-toned?! They all look pinky red to me!

Rattai · 22/03/2024 19:25

I have one eye that always waters a little and my eyeliner disappears. How can i stop this it at least minimise it??

changer2010 · 23/03/2024 13:13

I'm in my 40s and have never used make up. Where do I start?

LittleDeeAndME · 23/03/2024 13:49

How should I best prepare my face for foundation, in terms or exfoliating and moisturising, and how long should I do this before applying foundation for best results.

DanBenandBud · 23/03/2024 15:07

I really want to lessen the deep frown lines on my forehead and between my eyebrows - other than growing a 'Claudia' fringe - what would be the best for this ?

marmiteandminticecream · 23/03/2024 18:16

what's good to cover thread veins on the face

SparrowFeet · 23/03/2024 18:25

I love the cc cream but every now and again it seems like it oxidises on my face. What causes this and what do you recommend? Or am I getting too dark a formula?

Plantmother71 · 24/03/2024 01:13

I’ve exfoliated for years but my current skin condition is awful and bumpy (thank you menopause!). I’ve tried various primers - some cheap and cheerful, others quite expensive (Clarins and Bobby brown) and they don’t l seem to help at all. Is there anything to make my skin look smooth again?

neilyoungismyhero · 24/03/2024 01:21

I an in my early 70s.
I've always worn make up which I assumed also kind of protected my skin. However I've just started noticing brown age patches on my face, I can't afford any treatments to get rid of them - have you any tips/ideas how to either prevent or conceal them please.

DenDenDenise · 24/03/2024 08:51

I have very fair skin, and green eyes with LOTS of freckles, I think it is very noticeable when I use a foundation due to my skin, and how the freckles look - or am I putting the wrong concealer on - or should I be using something else ?

OkOkWhatsNext · 24/03/2024 08:52

Over the last year my skin has started getting hot and red and slightly itchy around my chin and up one side of my face. I don’t use foundation or anything on it and I’ve always had clear skin. Is there any soothing moisturiser or product you can recommend that will calm it down and help remove the redness?

Palegreentoast · 24/03/2024 18:39

I am seeing lots of make up fixing and setting sprays around. Do you think they are worth the hype and would you recommend them for more mature skin (40's)

RagnarorBjorn · 24/03/2024 19:12

As I'm getting older make up doesn't sit well on my skin, it looks patchy and dry, is there anything you'd recommend?

Walkingtheplank · 24/03/2024 20:10

I no longer know what to do with my make-up. Foundation doesn't go on nicely, liquid make up sits in my under eye creases, I've got age spots etc. How do I work out what to do with my more mature skin?


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doriangrey604726 · 24/03/2024 23:30

Hiya, which primer/setting spray would you recommend to keep your makeup on all day? I find mine never looks good after 4/5 hours.

Ilostmyhalo · 25/03/2024 10:47

I cannot seem to find a good correcting cream, the last time I wore some all my friends at work thought I looked very different with a doll like appearance - it's really knocked my confidence in using it - I can only assume I used to wrong colour and/or put too much on - need some guidance on how much and what colour to match my pale complexion.

ohdannyboy · 25/03/2024 15:11

My skin is sensitive and oily, can I still use a correcting cream ? I'd love to improve my complexion.

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