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Mumsnet users share their experience of using screens during lockdown with Optrex

145 replies

JustineBMumsnet · 26/05/2020 15:24

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For many of us, screen time has increased during lockdown: whether that’s for work, taking part in virtual pub quizzes or keeping in touch with family and friends via video calls. But, it’s something that can play havoc with eye health, particularly if you’re a glasses wearer or suffer from dry eyes regularly. With that in mind, Optrex would like to hear about your experience of using screens during lockdown and how it’s affected you - especially if your eyes have been impacted.

Here’s what Optrex has to say: “Over the last few months we’ve all seen our routines change dramatically, which can have an impact on our bodies and health. We often forget about the health of our eyes, but when they become uncomfortable, they can be hard to ignore. Technology has enabled many of us to work from home, stay entertained, informed and connected with loved ones. However, looking at screens can reduce our rate of blinking and lead to dry and tired eyes, which can feel uncomfortable and irritated. We would love to understand any effect that the lockdown period has had on your eyes and whether you have been taking steps to protect or treat them.”

What has your experience with screens been during lockdown and how has it impacted you? Have you experienced eye strain or dry eyes? If so, how have you attempted to reduce the irritation or pain? Are there any other ways extra screen time has affected your health or wellbeing?

Whatever your experience of screen use during lockdown, share how it has affected you below to be entered into a prize draw where one MNer will win a £100 voucher for the store of their choice (from a list).

Thanks and good luck with the prize draw!


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Mumsnet users share their experience of using screens during lockdown with Optrex
OP posts:
jacqui5366 · 18/06/2020 10:40

My work have paid for me to have some anti-glare glasses when working on my laptop and it's significantly improved the dryness of my eyes.

UnicornsForLife · 18/06/2020 15:53

I am using screens alot more at the moment. I do get dry eyes but feel better if I make sure I have breaks from the screen as often as practical.

10milewalk · 18/06/2020 18:50

My eyes have been so tied from working on a screen at home, that I've had to start wearing glasses which has helped a little.

biffyboom · 18/06/2020 19:15

I've been using my phone for reading/gaming a huge amount during lockdown, and it has definitely affected my eyesight, making my eyes blur. I try to keep the screen on a lower light and keep it on 'night mode' which is an orange light rather than regular blue light.

claza93 · 18/06/2020 19:17

I am constantly on screens, whether it is for work, for the kids school work or for pleasure! Without a doubt I am squinting more and am finding eyes tired and sore.
I defo need an eye test as soon as I can get one

alwaysataldi · 19/06/2020 16:16

I use duel screens, laptop and screen, so I take regular breaks, have eye drops when I feel 'dry eye' and I have a my room lit with a lamp to keep it well lit, but. not too bright.

Pricey123 · 20/06/2020 09:54

Whereas previously I may have been distracted at work with colleagues asking for advice or simply leaving my desk to attend meetings, I now find myself sat in front of a screen for at least 12 hours a day. Meetings are done in Microsoft Team, meaning I’m constantly sat at my screen so everyone can see me on the camera. Whilst the usual distraction of people popping over for a chat is gone, now my chats are over the phone whilst looking at my screen! The net result is dry, aching eyes, with which I find it hard to read even a simple letter in the evenings. Bedtime has got earlier just to give them a rest!

Alo2019 · 22/06/2020 14:39

I started back at work this weekend and we have a screen to protect us all and the customers x

StillNoFuckingEyeDeer · 23/06/2020 18:00

I tried really hard to minimise the amount of screens my children were exposed to whilst trying to home school. Most of the work seemed to require a screen, although not to watch lessons or zoom lessons, just YouTube clips and online maths games etc.
Then I went and returned to work as a key worker sitting at a screen......

Byrdie · 23/06/2020 18:03

I'm noticing dry eyes in the morning - ichy eyes and generally not such happy eyes. I didn't actually connect it with screen time but it makes sense.

LITTLEMUTLEY23 · 23/06/2020 20:32

I had laser surgery a few years ago so suffer from dry eyes at times and I think to much screen time can also have a negative impact on eye health. I think lockdown definitely made me more anxious.

formerbabe · 23/06/2020 23:05

I find that if I look at my screen for too long, my eyesight feels momentarily worse immediately after. Closing my eyes for a brief period seems to help.

danigrace · 24/06/2020 05:38

We are usually out most of the day so our screen use has definitely increased during lockdown. I have experienced dry tired eyes more but hadn't at all linked it to possible screen time until now... I thought maybe it was sleep/stress related so have just been trying to take good general care of myself. Extra screen time has definitely made me feel guilty, especially where the kids are involved - we put a 2 hours a day time limit on our preschoolers tablet

freakfire · 24/06/2020 10:39

We've been lucky with the weather for most of lockdown so far, so we've been able to get out in the garden and away from screens, which has been great. Some days we do end up in front of the TV (and phones) a bit more, and on my work from home days I do find my eyes getting more tired and dry vs my non-working days, as I'm at a computer for 8 hours

lindauk5 · 24/06/2020 17:05

I have a computer based job so have always been on screens a lot throughout the day. We found at the start of lockdown we watched a lot of TV as we couldn't go anywhere however as lockdown went on we started watching less and doing other things instead, we still have family movie nights though.

Hopezibah · 25/06/2020 14:54

My sleep seems to have been most affected by the increase in screen time. The rest of the day as long as I take regular breaks away from the screen I seem to be ok. I do think I have had eye strain a few times though resulting in headaches. Quite severe at times.

I do often have dry eyes anyhow and love my oprex spray. During lockdown I've not needed to wear my contact lenses so that has helped prevent my eyes drying out so much.

36degrees · 25/06/2020 15:02

I have corrected vision anyway so as a contact lens wearer I am used to taking extra steps to protect my eyes, including giving up an office based job 2 years ago as extended screen use, poor lighting and poor ventilation were having a severely detrimental effect on my vision. In recent weeks, I have refused to do more than three hours a day in screen-based meetings, and prompted by my direct reports, have agreed to do one to one meetings via phone on request, unless there is a requirement to share screens or work collaboratively on a document in real time.

Thank you Optrex for raising awareness of this, hopefully workplaces which aren't as flexible and ethical as my employer are taking people's eye health seriously.

jitterbugintomybrain · 10/07/2020 17:01

Have used the screens more and think my eyes are worse than at the start of lockdown. But it could be age.

welshmardymum · 10/07/2020 22:08

i work in IT so i am none stop working on screens anyway - i have found i'm getting more of a headache now - somehow its harder to take a break when working at home

lolly2010 · 10/07/2020 22:17

I find I get headaches if i'm using my laptop too long, I try to limit my time on it. I don't need to wear glasses at present. My youngest son wears glasses for screen time and reading.

burwellmum · 12/07/2020 11:07

Fortunately I had an inkling of what was coming and so went to get my eye tested; I picked up my new glasses a couple of days before lockdown. They have definitely made using my computer screen much easier. I am using screens much more both my computer screen and watching the television.

flowersfromheaven · 13/07/2020 18:15

I have been on my laptop a lot more than I would have done before the lock down and I can feel the difference on my eyes as they feel heavy an tired a lot more than they used to, I think I will try Optrex Screen Eyes.

sharond101 · 13/07/2020 19:02

I am on the screen more and it's making me more tired. Eyes are dry and itchy too.

VictoriaBun · 14/07/2020 07:34

Optrex is getting a lot more use in this house since Corona virus. My dh gets blepharitis so used the spray throughout the day and I use the original Optex with the eye bath to soothe my own eyes. We couldn't be without it !

buckley1983 · 14/07/2020 16:24

Like many people, my screen usage has increased during lockdown - all meetings online via videocalls, ensuring paperwork/documents/policies up to date, etc - all on screens. I've noticed myself getting a lot more tired & eyes feeling heavy, so have been trying to take a quick break every hour just to give my eyes a rest. I hadn't thought about eye drops as a way of managing this, so will give them a go! :)

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