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Diagnosed with ADHD. What help and support should I expect/ask of the school?

DailyMailDontStealMyThread · 02/12/2016 19:12

After a very long road DD12 has a diagnosis of ADHD and ODD. They want to start her on medication and have asked us to think about it with DD and let them know next week, DD is keen to trail it.

The school have been as supportive as they can be, she has had a very hard time being in the school environment and has caused herself, other pupils and teachers lots of problems.

Now there is a diagnosis should they be able to offer better support? What sort of things should be expected? I'm going to see the school next week.

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LucieLucie · 12/12/2016 23:26

How did you get the diagnosis op?

We are going through hell with my ds (13) GP referred us back to the school, they are dragging their heels.

So far just an 'informal' chat between guidance teacher and ed psych re his behaviour. In the meantime he's being put out of classes and was even excluded from school for 3 days.

I took him to GP aged 4 saying he was hyper and was fobbed off, 3 primary schools and now high school....they've all failed him.
So frustrated.

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