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Universal credit backdating dla

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flea101 · 06/02/2024 16:52

Son went from medium care to high rate care, found out 10th Jan award dated 17th July. I let uc know, they have taken 3 weeks to verify and have paid us what we were owed this month. I have asked for it to be backdated, this is taking forever and I can't speak to anyone to find out the status of the claim. How long does this process usually take?

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SearchingForSolitude · 06/02/2024 17:02

How long is a piece a string sums up how long back-payment takes. 3 weeks would be on the quick side for that. It is separate to updating the claim for the current assessment period.

zoeybrooks45 · 06/02/2024 20:44

Some advice I went through this a few months ago. Add a message in journal to work coach and advise them of the backdate and date for the DLa and career element. They should come back the same day or next day. I was waiting forever and I was paid the next day after doing this. Hope this helps

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