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Can you remind me about getting a blue badge please

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Thomcat · 27/05/2004 10:59

I'm probably being really rubbish but have drawn a blank.

I'm probably not entitled to one but thought I'd try. All these hospital appointments and just general parking and then carrying Lottie across carpark to our destination are playing havoc with my back and I thought I'd give it a go anyway.

Please could you remind me who I ask to send me the form. Thanks.

OP posts:
noddy5 · 27/05/2004 11:01

local council

misdee · 27/05/2004 11:04

how old is lottie now?

dottee · 27/05/2004 11:05

Hi Thomcat.

Echoing Noddy - apply to local council offices in the Social Services dept.

I think you may qualify.

Good luck!

Jimjams · 27/05/2004 11:05

If you get higher rate mobility (alhtough I think Lottie woud have to be 3 before you could claim that) you qualify automatically.

misdee · 27/05/2004 11:07

thats what i was thinking as well. but i couldnt remember lotties age. do u the care componant of DLA at all?

Thomcat · 27/05/2004 11:34

She's only 2 and a half but will try anyway, you never know and if you don't ask you don't get.
She's just a dead weight, doesn't even try and cling on and my back is a mess so thought I'd give it a go.

Thanks girls.

OP posts:
lou33 · 27/05/2004 11:46

Council TC. You can apply from aged 2, and if she can't walk you should get it. Costs about £2.

geekgrrl · 27/05/2004 12:04

we got one for dd when she was 2 and toddling. Lottie might have to see a physio to confirm that she isn't walking (we did this). It took less than 2 weeks and is an absolute godsend - you can even park on double yellows. Be prepared for dirty looks though!

Jimjams · 27/05/2004 12:43

waiting for mine to come through- posted it last week. Am also expecting more than dirty looks as ds1 just doesn't look disabled. How do you deal with the glares geekgrrl?

geekgrrl · 27/05/2004 13:31

I just ignore them, nobody has said anything yet... however, the mum of a little boy who goes to nursery with my dd and who is severely physically disabled by CP (he can't even sit, never mind walk to the shops) got an earful from some OAP once. She's now got wheelchair stickers in several windows. I can't believe the cheek some people have.

lou33 · 27/05/2004 13:41

We wave the blue badge at them Jimjams ( I know it wasn't me you were asking, but thought I would butt in!). Until ds2's wheelchair arrives (don't start me on that again) we either carry him or pop him in his major buggy, so to those who are not in the know about disabled mobility aids for kids, he just looks as tho he is in a huge buggy. We have had the shouting across carparks, the walking by to check for badges etc. It doesn't really bother me that much, because at least these people are trying to keep the spaces clear for those who need it.

Thomcat · 27/05/2004 14:01

Wicked, that'll be so brilliant.
I phoned the council and the woman I spoke to said 'ohh, yes you should have one', but I don't suppose that means I will, I'll wait with my fingers crossed to see.

I hope I do get an evil glare, just let 'em try!
Bring it on!
I think I'd probably say 'hello, yes, can I help' and if they even dare to reply with a 'you shouldn't be parking there' I'll have a few armed responses along the lines of 'and I shouldn't be parking here why, are you presuming to know enough about me or my family to know whether I'm entitled to the blue badge, displayed here in my car, or not?, or perhaps something like 'I'm pleased you don't think my daughter doesn't appear disabled, that's great, unfortunately thought she's unable to walk right now so this has been a godsend for us.' Depending on how nasty the glare is!
'Yeah, well if you can handle a young child who has autism in a busy car park without a blue badge then come and take over and I'll give it back'.
Either that or we just ignore them, who cares what they think, sod 'em

OP posts:
misdee · 27/05/2004 14:01

we wave blue badge at people who give us dirty looks as well. as dh doesnt look disabled, he looks like a sprightly 24yr old (which he is, he just cant walk as far as other 24yr olds)

Fio2 · 27/05/2004 16:54

blue badger wavers here aswellGrin people can be soooooooooooooo pathetic

lou33 · 27/05/2004 17:35

I don't want to know about your animal activities on here Fio, go and join the swinger thread for that sort of stuff

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