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Help needed statementing

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mieow · 06/05/2004 06:52

DD1 is currently at a SN nursery in a small group of 5-10 children (depending on the activities) She is coping well within this group and her behaviour is getting better. At home we still have a huge problem with her behaviour , biting, screaming, pinching, stratching, she is obsessive about things and gives me a headache most day Anyway when she was at preschool, she was in a group of 20 kids, with 1~2~1 help, and they really struggled with her behaviour, and I am really worried that when she goes to reception class in january she is going to struggle as its going to be a class of 30 kids. ATM she is ok as she is in a small class each day and the nursery are saying she is coping well but what happens later? I have tried to get a statement once already but she was denied one so now we have to start again............ help

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mieow · 06/05/2004 23:35


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cab · 06/05/2004 23:45

Try posting the question on a teacher's website? e.g. google TES staffroom. Sorry can't help.

ScummyMummy · 07/05/2004 00:28

Do you know exactly what happened last time you tried to get a statement for her, mieow? Did the Local Education Authority refuse to assess her for a statement or did they assess her and conclude from the assessment that she didn't need a statement? Quite often LEAs initially refuse to assess pre-schoolers on the grounds of not having enough evidence of their special needs. If this has happened notification/reports from your paediatrician particularly (but also other professionals such as the nursery staff, therapists etc) can help. IPSEA have good advice on what to do at each stage of the statutory assessment process. It is also worth talking to individual schools about what support they can offer your daughter from the school action and school action plus budgets. Be really clear about what her needs are and what support she will need to learn. Do the schools you are considering think they will be able to meet her needs without a statement?

808state · 07/05/2004 07:16

I would agree with ScummyMummy's response in its entireity.

If the LEA refuse again you can appeal to SENDIST (the appeals tribunal; their decision though can take up to four to five months to make.

Bearing in mind also it can take six months for an LEA to prepare a statement anyway I would speak to the proposed school about your concerns sooner rather than later.

Do speak to IPSEA in any event; have found them to be very helpful.

With best wishes

SofiaAmes · 07/05/2004 07:51

I know it's not quite the same thing, but with my stepson who is dyslexic, we had him privately assesed when he was 6 and the school was complaining about his not keeping up with the class, but not actually doing anything about it. We then used the private assesment as a catalyst to get the statementing process going.

Davros · 07/05/2004 11:31

I agree with the other posters, all very good advice. Unfortunately it may mean that you'll have to pursue it and see it through to its final conclusion which could be stressful, time consuming and uncertain. However, it could be a lot easier but be prepared We all know that you've got a lot on your plate mieow but maybe now is the time to go for it as she's going to reception. There should be a local independent advocacy service, all boroughs have to fund one, and your LEA might have a parent liaison person or other people around who could help you.

mieow · 07/05/2004 12:24

Thanks for your replies. I am going to start the process again as I feel the school need support with her. She is due to start in January at the school DS is at (with no statement or EMP funding, he is doing well) The reason they refused to assess her last time was because she isn't half her age in ALL areas, even though her speech is half her age, but getting better. Her behaviour is getting worse at home and we need support. She is due to go full time at nursery in september. ATM she is watching Cbeebies and being quiet

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