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mrsforgetful · 30/04/2004 10:13

This week has been a ?mixed? week- which is what I expected

There have been ?bitter / sweet? moments and generally it is Alex who has had the ?raw deal?

Leigh LOVES the new school and it is wonderful to see him run off without me having to ?social story? him into class.
Yesterday he said his new school is like going to his ?Autism Club? EVERY DAY!!! What a compliment! He says he is listened to- and he feels good!

Tom (as always) is not one to talk about anything except Playstation etc?.so to find out how he feels is like trying to get blood out of a stone. However when I said he could choose which school to go to?.either this or the old one- he said the new one without hesitation!!!! (afterwards I realised I was silly asking that as I would have had some explaining to do if he?d chose the old one!!!) I also gathered he?s happier at lunchtimes- so ?risked? asking him if he wants to come home at lunch time at all?.he said NO!!!! Big difference to old school!

Alex was disruptive yesterday.

I am not so ?fond? of his teacher??so I got upset yesterday- but I?ve thought it through and have had a long chat with her TA this morning.

The ?rational?me says ?ANY? child (not 5 till end of may) would find changing schools hard- and take more than 4 days to settle- so I politely explained this. (yesterday the teacher said that the rest of the class sit nicely so she makes no exception for Alex. Grrrrrrrr!!!!) I think she?s trying to ?start of as she means to go on? etc?.and also she?s keen to not end up with any others copying him as they think he can get away with it then so can they. But still??I felt upset

I explained to the TA today about Thomas and Leigh- and how Alex is very much like Tom at 4yrs?.at home rarely ?plays? with toys like lego,puzzles,trains,cars etc?.but ?plays? with playstations,computers,fridges,light switches,videos etc?.and what they have ?reported? about his behaviour is identical to tom in his 1st year at school
??cannot sit still,touching people,calling out,shares on his terms only etc??and I am ?scared? that he may have SN too. He is ?bothered? by the way that when he goes into class now they don?t do writing/numbers before registration (instead they sit at a table and look at books) and he misses using the computer at ?choosy time??this feels a bit like ?routine? withdrawal?.but am not getting too carried away as I had expected him to take at least 2 or 3 weeks to feel ?settled??.it?s just the teacher?s comments that have me ?questioning? this stuff.

She tried the ?learned behaviour? bit?..but the only reason I can see for this ?similar? behaviour is that he is feeling ?unsettled? and at home I am having major troubles with how Tom and Leigh are interacting at the moment?.so Alex could well be lacking attention and I have decided that is the older 2 say they are happy at this school then for now I can concentrate on ALEX!!!

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coppertop · 30/04/2004 20:06

I loved this thread title, MrsF. I just knew it had to be you!

I'd be surprised if Alex had been able to settle so quickly. I think it's quite sad that the new teacher doesn't seem to want to give him a chance to adjust and settle in a bit more.

Good news about Leigh and Tom liking the school already. I hope things settle down at home for you too.

maryz · 30/04/2004 23:27

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mrsforgetful · 01/05/2004 11:56

I left alex at school yesterday with him rubbing the back of his head against the wall....but he did go in on his own and he had a better day- mary....yes i know what you mean....i give up trying to parent in different ways!!! i think some NT parents have said before that the 'strategies and methods' we 'HAVE' to parent our kids would be great 'best practice' by all parents as too may parents just pull their kids from pillar to post and moan at the consequences!it's just hard when 'behaviour' gets noticed that i get the 'been there - done that- got- the - t.shirt' feeling....i feel that if Alex is NT then i am a crap parent as i have no idea how to parent an NT child!

when thomas was suggested as having AS and i was given a questionairre by the paed to complete- and it turned out that most of it applied 'better' to Leigh than Tom....and whilst I know Tom does have AS...i believe in time it will be Leigh that is worse affected.
Alex didn't have a 3yr check as they stopped them in my of my 'irritations' with the NHS as i think that 3 year check is very useful in the 'pre-school' period etc for screening for autism etc. But if he had he would have failed many of the tests. a couple of weeks ago i tried the sally anne...he could not 'get it' and i've tried several 'variations' of it since and he does not get it right.....i am worried that moving schools will have 'usettled' him - yet if he is SN then he's in the better school.

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