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Refered to a SALT

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fairydust · 22/02/2004 16:16

DD is in the process of bring refered to a SALT - but i was wondering what do they "DO"

OP posts:
Jimjams · 22/02/2004 16:19

bugger all of they're NHS. See you once every 6 months and leave you with a communication programme.

Actually I'm being unfair. Does your dd have speech or language problems or both?

lou33 · 22/02/2004 16:26

Depends where you live. Dd2 is seen weekly atm by her st, she has problems with certain sounds (she's 7). They are going to visit her weekly in school for a while, to save us taking her out for appointments. They will assess where abouts on the developmental scale dd is, and work on improving her use and knowledge of words, and pronunciation, depending on age etc.

fairydust · 22/02/2004 16:28

she isn;t saynig the required amount of words for a 2years old - so being refered

OP posts:
coppertop · 22/02/2004 17:09

Ds1 started off with an hour-long assessment to see if there were any obvious physical problems, how much he understood, and how much he could say. We waited about 6 months for the assessment and then another 6 months for the SALT itself. He now has 45mins every month or so and we are given different tasks to work through at home. At the moment we're working on verbs.

Jimjams · 22/02/2004 18:04

Most of it will be questions to you. They may try and assess vocab- see if she can point to various boring black and white piccies. May try and play some "ready steady go" games. Probably not much more on your first visit.

ScummyMummy · 22/02/2004 23:28

It does vary very much from SALT to SALT, fairydust. On a first visit the SALT will be assessing your dd's communication, both by observing her and by talking to you, as jimjams says. He/she'll decide whether your dd would benefit from receiving speech and lang therapy or whether she can just be monitored for a while or discharged completely. The SALT will probably be able to give you some general advice after the assessment session, whether or not she puts dd on the speech therapy waiting list. I think the main thing to remember about SALT is that it's a bit of a misnomer- they're often really looking at the building blocks of communication as well as/rather than spoken language per se. So there tend to be lots of structured turn taking, games, listening etc built into kids' programmes rather than attempts to get kids to say words, which can be confusing for parents. Good luck. There are a few goodies in the NHS SALT world and I hope you and your dd run into one of this rare breed!

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