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Family fund?holiday

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mieow · 02/01/2004 21:45

As some of you know, we have 3 children, 2 with CP.
We haven't had a family holiday for 2 years and would like to book a
week at Bultins. We are on Income support now so is it worthwhile
applying to the FF. We are under the £23,000 you are allow. How long
will it take to process?

OP posts:
donnie · 02/01/2004 22:06

don't know the answer to this one mieow but I really hope you guys manage a holiday this year - I am sure you deserve it.It's so bloody expensive to go away isn't it??????!!!! good luck.

mieow · 02/01/2004 22:09

yea, its going to cost us £305 for a week in May (can't go any earlier as the children's muscles will feel the cold) and then spending money. We have had a real sh*te 2003 and want to make 2004 better

OP posts:
Ailsa · 03/01/2004 12:02

Just an idea, but, how do you feel about buying The Sun newspaper? If you were to buy 2 papers and send off for 2 offers you can make up a week for about £140, and they have Butlins on there too.

fairydust · 03/01/2004 12:11

Just to let u know the family fund take ages have they have such high demand at the mo - i applied for driving lessons last june have been told it's still being processed -

my friend did the sun hol - and said how fab they were

Ailsa · 03/01/2004 12:30

We've done the sun hols every year for the last 7 years. For one of our first we bought 5 papers and joined the offers up to make a full fortnight and a bit in Devon & Cornwall. We've had a great time on all of them. We usually do the spring offer which starts today, and an offer in August which comes out later in the year.

BTW mieow if you're happy to pay a supplement some sites are doing half board.

CountessDracula · 03/01/2004 13:06

mieow there are many charities that provide holidays or help with holidays for low income families and those with special needs.

If you go to

they have an application form, and also a link to other companies that provide these holidays. May be worth a look

Tinker · 03/01/2004 13:47

mieow - do either of you work in the civil service? They have their own family/benevolant funds for just this kind of thing.

Lou33 · 04/01/2004 16:55

About 6 - 8 weeks Mieow.

fio2 · 05/01/2004 07:17

mieow we have just been sent some holiday cottages through from Scope. They are not free but are alot cheaper, about 100 quid a week in high season. They are in Wales I think. I will try to dig the number out later.

Also I did a search, on googgle, a couple of months ago and it came up with a load of places that a kitted out for disabled people, ran by a charity that are cheaper too. Sorry not much help but i will try to look for the numbers!Smile

mieow · 21/01/2004 17:13

I applied again at the begining at the year for a holiday, and was chatting to a friend who also applied again around the same time, she recieved a cheque this morning for £300 for a holiday, how comes I was told I had to wait 4 months and haven't heard a thing??? Its not fair!!!!!

OP posts:
mieow · 02/02/2004 00:34

Fio2 Have you got those numbers?

OP posts:
fio2 · 02/02/2004 07:46

for the scope cottages? I will ring the school and askSmile

also I did a search on google and there is a charity that does holiday cottages that are suitable for disbled people at lower prices - I just cant remember the name of the charity but I am sure I applied for one once. I will be back later

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