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So disappointed. I might need to change my business name

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PurpleSneakers · 05/01/2022 19:44


I was wondering if any of you lovely people can help me? Last year while still studying, I registered my business name after carefully looking at competitors details in the local market to be sure not to have business names that were similar. I choose ‘New Leaf Hypnotherapy’ (I am not in the UK and it was available to be registered). I have since got a logo, got the domain and 95% of the website is completed, with the business due to start late January.

Fast forward to now, and in the last 2 weeks a new business has sprung up this area (think ‘New Hope Hypnotherapy’ - not it’s real name). I have sought advice ranging from friends to impartial people’s view, with mixed input about whether the names are too similar to cause confusion amongst customers (example on Google ads etc).

There should not be any legal ramifications as both names are registered properly, however I feel a bit obliged to change as I would be appalled if the shoe was on the other foot and it was I who had set out in business first and then had someone else come along with a very similar name.

My question is what would you do in this situation? Do I change my name? I don’t want to change it, but I am starting to think I really might have to?

If I did have to change, can any of you wise people offer some nature inspired names. I can change the wording of my logo, but I don’t want to change the format, so it would have to be in the vicinity of 3-5 words. I would like to keep the ‘leaf’ if possible as it is incorporated into the logo and website, but it could be related to nature/trees. I specialise in anxiety conditions & offer both local and online service.

Thank you so much for any help you can give.

OP posts:

HoardingSamphireSaurus · 05/01/2022 22:07

You are over thinking it. Keep your name and get rid of the bleeding heart self doubt. Have faith in yourself!


CallmeIT · 05/01/2022 22:19

There are other words that would suit a leaf logo (and a growing business)

thrive / thriving


DixieSun · 05/01/2022 22:38

Keep it. You were first.

Maybe add The to it, The new leaf ..


PattyPritel · 05/01/2022 22:47

Bud to Blossom Hypnotherapy

This is nice.


HappyKatieA · 05/01/2022 22:50

Bloom Hypnotherapy?


Palavah · 05/01/2022 22:53


To me, new leaf and new hope are not similar. The new leaf part is the most important, it's such a well known saying. So maybe add anxiety or change hypnotherapy to wellness or counselling? If your website SEO is strong enough, then the hypnotherapy part will show in google results regardless of your business name or web domain.

Agree with this

Puffalicious · 05/01/2022 22:56

Whatever you do don't use Be Leaf or Re Leaf, I can't stand mis-spellings for 'effect': lame!


PeaceONoeuf · 05/01/2022 22:56

Is it English speaking? Because other wise any play on words won’t work. I’d stick with new leaf which sounds practical. I’d avoid new hope as it sounds really woo.


Coffeeonadrip · 05/01/2022 23:01

Spring Leaf Hypnotherapy
New beginnings Hypnotherapy


Peppermint81 · 05/01/2022 23:03

Keep it, it's a great name. It will push you to stand out better and improve marketing etc. The other company is not going to have a leaf on logo are they


TueWed · 05/01/2022 23:04

Turning Leaf Hypnotherapy

Keeps the leaf and makes you think of 'turning over a new leaf' as gaining a good new habit


addler · 05/01/2022 23:09

Similar to some previous suggestions- Turnleaf. Keeps the original meaning of the phrase, is a noun (albeit a made up one) so sounds more like a 'thing' if that makes sense, and is short, snappy and has a nice sound and nice connotations. If people are recommending your services to others they're likely to shorten it so New Hope/New Leaf could be mixed up. 'I go to Turnleaf' is more memorable.


PurpleSneakers · 06/01/2022 06:15

Thank you to everyone for your valued input. After taking this all onboard and speaking with my clinical supervisor, I have decided to put on my big girl pants and keep my business name! I like it, it fits well and that’s that. Ah, so here’s to my first major hurdle in my own business. Thank you to all that have helped me on my way!

OP posts:

LordoftheDanceSaidHe · 06/01/2022 06:33

Don't change it. I think it's a bit frustrating but essentially a non issue.


LordoftheDanceSaidHe · 06/01/2022 06:34

Just read your update. Good decision.


Retrievemysanity · 06/01/2022 07:14

Good luck with the new business OP Smile


Vapeyvapevape · 06/01/2022 08:16

That's great Op , good luck x


PurpleSneakers · 06/01/2022 08:29

Thank you so much @LordoftheDanceSaidHe*,*@Retrievemysanity and @Vapeyvapevape

OP posts:

Momijin · 23/01/2022 11:23

To turn over a new leaf doesn't have good connotations.

I would look into something from the regenerate / become better angle.


RestingStitchFace · 15/02/2022 17:48

Chrysalis Hypnotherapy?

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