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Extra Easy SP - post your meals & snacks here

49 replies

PhoebeMcPeePee · 30/12/2014 10:38

If you've been to group this week you'll have been introduced to extra easy SP - a way of boosting your weight-loss which I'm sure a few of us could do with this time of year Wink. All the foods are listed in the new pack but if you haven't got it yet it's basically most of the old speed foods EXCEPT potatoes, pasta, rice so lots of fruit & veggies plus meat, fish & eggs along with HEA & 2 HEB.

One of the reasons I like SW is because I couldn't last without pasta, rice & potatoes but could certainly manage a few days so thought I'd share my meal & snack ideas over the next few days & hopefully some more of you will do the same as I'm slightly lacking in inspiration:

B: fry lighted mushrooms & tomatoes, egg & bacon medallions fat removed
S: orange
L: super speed soup
Snack: Apple & hifi bar
D: chicken breast, mashed swede & carrot plus steamed spinach
HEA : milk for coffee
HEB 1: hifi bar
HEB 2: tbc

OP posts:

HelenaDove · 03/01/2015 15:59

my weighloss has been slow too. its taken me 16 months to lose 3 and a half stone but im on a healthy eating plan not taking part in a Formula 1 race.

Im old school ive done the fast weightloss with sw I went from 21 stone down to 10 stone 12 the first time. I lost a stone a month for seven months and it took me over a year to lose the last 3.

Where i lost the weight at a rate of knots i developed gallstones Ive never known pain like it and had to have my gall bladder out 9 months of intense pain casualty admissions calling out the duty doctor who gave me morphine injections (one particular "lovely" experience was spending Christmas Day 2002 in hospital after not being able to stand up on xmas morning due to being given slightly more morphine than i needed on Xmas Eve) and finally morphine pills that i had to slip under my tongue when ever the excrutiating crippling pain started. I had two doctors and a surgeon tell me that this was due to losing the weight too fast.

After going through all that shit i simply cannot get on board with fast weight loss.

And this is why i get so angry when i see it encouraged.


annielostit · 05/01/2015 20:28

Good sp food today
B- hex b toast x1 a weetabix & boiled egg with tomato
L- veggie soup & 1 wm bread
D- swede topped cottage pie & mushy peas.
18g of dairy milk 5syns.

What's on everyone's menu?x


Gerx123 · 13/01/2015 22:01

Tried sp today seems ok used about 8 syns heb bread and cooked apple milk
B scramble egg toast melon
2 satsuma
Lunch soya sauce chili pork beans steam veg carrots broccoli cauliflower onion pepper
Swapped beef for pork and finished veg for tea stewed apple with mini tub of custard hav soup made so more organised on plateau for ages so want to give weight loss a boost


iklboo · 13/01/2015 22:03

Tonight's tea was cod topped with chilli cheese (HEA) and salsa (1/2 syn per tablespoon) with baby new potatoes & peas.


annielostit · 14/01/2015 08:04

No sp today,
had weetabix & hot milk.
Lunch is ? Am having hair cut.
tonight is spag bolognaise. Haven't had pasta for weeks.
I have planned to make 1 recipe a day from this months magazine.


Starlightbright1 · 14/01/2015 14:37

I rejoined last week I have done it without the ee speed. I found it worked the way I was doing it. I may do it for a boost but do find carbs help full me up.


Dowser · 15/01/2015 13:18

I lost two stone many years ago with SW and haven't put it all back yet. I only did the red plan and I'm not into junk products, I prefer healthy eating. I'm wanting to Lose about 7-10 lbs so loosely basing my diet on SW and keeping track of calories with Mfp.

My friend has given me a book of recipes but now I'm lost because I don't understand super easy etc.

In the old days , protein was unlimited. Carbs were limited and counted in and you could have 10 sins a day I think or was it a week.

Can someone explain how it's changed so I can do some of the recipes please.


MadiSontRoy45 · 15/01/2015 19:19

Sorry half of that missing first time doing this went of the wagon mon and Tuesday lost 5lb last nite!


MadiSontRoy45 · 15/01/2015 19:21

Joins last Wednesday 12st 13lb felt a real light feeling on sp in my tummy didn't get that full feeling?


Gerx123 · 15/01/2015 20:21

On sp for 3 days and tummy a lot less bloated so must be agreeing with my system not hungry either or craving sweet stuff could be aided by not drinking diet coke time will tell


Gerx123 · 15/01/2015 20:23

Need more ideas for sp dinner preferably not tomatoe based


MadiSontRoy45 · 15/01/2015 20:46

Are you bit constipated with it?got there bars last nite two of them are healthy b found them great I've a very sweet tooth can you not have diet coke on sp?ive been drinking it.


HelenaDove · 15/01/2015 22:09

I gave up diet coke in April 2013. My stomach is grateful for it. I heard a previous SW consultant tell someone to fill up on diet coke before going to a party so she wouldnt be tempted by the buffet. How the fuck is that healthy advice. I modify the plan to suit my needs and allergies and weight loss is slow but steady.


PhoebeMcPeePee · 15/01/2015 22:26

Meant to do SP but didn't realise mango was included & forgot fat free yogurts are not allowed!

B: 2 eggs, b/beans & fry-lighted mushrooms & courgette
Snack : Apple & satsuma (& mango til I remembered they weren't SP)
L: spicy bean & veg soup & wholemeal bread HEB
D: fish stir fry (actually ok without noodles but you do need a lot more veg!) plus activia 0% yogurt (oops Blush)

HEA milk for coffee & tea

OP posts:

annielostit · 16/01/2015 08:02

Gerx what've you been eating.
My favourite sp mixes are
Swede topped cottage pie with mushy peas.
beef casserole with extra greens to serve,
a great big (griil) fry up with mushrooms & tomatoes.
BBQ chicken with a big salad & roast veg - hm BBQ sauce not jarred. Balsamic vinegar pasatta sweetner garlic worchester.
I do like roast cod but a tomato & basil sauce, but that's tomato based sauce.
A Sunday roast with loads of veg & root mash.
Chicken with cheese triangle in bacon ( 2syns) approx.
Tonight I'm having a piripiri chicken.
And hm burger with a hex b bun, salad pickles fresh slaw.
How's that for suggestion's, I don't like the tomato thing all the time.


chrisloran123 · 17/01/2015 10:08

That sounds lovely I m getting stuck for ideas after two weeks . Lost 5 lb first week but not sure about the next I get confused with what's free and what I should count as a syn


HollyBollyBooBoo · 17/01/2015 13:25

PLease may someone clarify for me, I thought we had to chose 1 x Healthy Extra A and 1 x Healthy Extra B - people on this thread are having 2 x B. Am I missing something obvious?!


PhoebeMcPeePee · 17/01/2015 16:04

The days you are doing SP you get a 2nd HEB

OP posts:

calzone · 17/01/2015 22:10

I need a list of acronyms.






annielostit · 18/01/2015 16:13

Well sp today. Had a big grill up with healthy extra b mid morning, now waiting for veg to roast & swede to boil for Sunday roast.
Must look at freezer to see what's on offer this week. Oh away so I can save money as well. Teenagers eat anything.


piggychops · 18/01/2015 23:54

My default snack is hot banana.
Chop up a banana and heat in the microwave til mushy. Eat while still hot.
It is so much nicer than eating it cold.


Gerx123 · 19/01/2015 22:33

2lb lost a bit disappointed stuck to sp rigidly and syn for other plus no diet coke for me as slow down my weight loss so sp and no diet coke for 2 lb loss hoping for slightly better next Derek advise to do sp some days and ee others??????


Gerx123 · 19/01/2015 22:42

Scramble egg smoke salmon tomatoe. Heb wheatabix with fruit Melon lunch is cauliflower soup tomatoe and veg soup ryvita or heb bread roast every veg I can find cauliflower rice spivey swede chips chili beans tomatoe bean veg casserole snacking on Turkey meat chicken and fruit all s ones omelettes salad beetroot my treat is low fat custard on stewed second heb keeping milk for cappucino and syn extra milk so some of foods will try fish for protein this week


Rivercam · 22/01/2015 22:43

I can't understand how having 2xbs results in more weight loss - surely it's more food.

Also, can unlimited pasta, rice and potatoes be 'free'. I don't really understand the diet. However, hopefully it will work.

I'm also one of those people only lose 1/2 -1 lb per week usually.

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