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Do you have a child under two? Fill in this short survey and you could win a £250 voucher for the store of your choice.

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carriemumsnet · 15/12/2009 17:21

We've been asked to find out about the resources you use when looking for information about your baby's health - so we're talking everything from nutrition, sleeping, minor illnesses such as colds / runny noses etc to longer term development issues and more significant illnesses.

Everyone who completes the survey will be entered into a prize draw to win £250 worth of vouchers for the store of their choice.

This survey is open to everyone in the UK who has a child aged from birth up to their second birthday.
Thanks and good luck, MNHQ.

OP posts:
natapillar · 20/12/2009 00:20


pofacedandproud · 20/12/2009 18:46


toolly · 20/12/2009 21:44

Try here
I have one that was second hand so a different model to the one shown on the site but is looks pretty similar and is now keeping my third child snug. It has integral fold over mitts so there is no faffing around with gloves.
Excellent IMO

cyteen · 20/12/2009 23:05


InTheSoup · 20/12/2009 23:59

Agree abour pharmacists. I never understood why so many random old-fashioned pharmacies lined our high street, when there was Boots. Then I had a baby.

ShiriDoula · 22/12/2009 08:23


Scourgeofthesteelymoon · 23/12/2009 01:12


ahedgehogisdueinMarch · 23/12/2009 10:04


Minxie1977 · 23/12/2009 21:40


Milliemuffin · 24/12/2009 04:54

Done. Dont trust my GP in the slightest, he told me to lay baby on right hand side to aid digestion, wrong!! Luckily I already knew it was the left so was able to correct him there and then. He also told me that in Hertfordshire first pregnancy scans are done at 17wks, wrong again !!

walkingonthemoon · 28/12/2009 17:52


SpookyMadMummy · 28/12/2009 18:00


FirelightGlintingOnTheXmasTree · 31/12/2009 23:05

done.... normally FiByTheSea

DMCT · 02/01/2010 14:33


Imawurzel · 04/01/2010 06:44


pureeandpearls · 04/01/2010 08:58


elkiedee · 04/01/2010 13:42

I tend to look on NHS direct.

Rather than symptoms, I look to remind myself how to cope with something that's wrong until we can get to the doctor, as we've always first noticed problems in the evening.

SparrowFflamau · 04/01/2010 13:43

when is this closing? its been running for aaaaaaaaaaaaages

HinnyPet · 04/01/2010 14:35

Done it too.

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