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Please could we have a reminder not to open threads if you think you are going to get upset!

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cali · 13/11/2008 10:37

Over the last few days, there have been several threads discussing items that have been in the news.

Several people have found these naturally upsetting and have asked for these threads to be toned down.

I feel as adults, we should be free to discuss items that are relevant at that time.

Real life is cruel sometimes and people do and will want to discuss what is happening.

I do not agree with having an enforced censorship, it is up to the individual what they read or post.

I find it far more upsetting when people start numerous threads about topics they do not know much about but think they know it all. ie breastfeeding, bottlefeeding, weaning, childcare, sleeping, working mums v stay at home mums, etc

The best thing to do is ignore and "walk" away.

OP posts:
cali · 13/11/2008 11:32

No but it brings it to public attention and raises awareness.

Why else do the NSPCC run the campaigns on the television that they do?

Also, I do not remember saying that it would stop child abuse!

OP posts:
TheInvisibleManDidIt · 13/11/2008 11:54

If you want to start censoring thread titles, where exactly are you going to draw the line?

Some thread titles I have seen (unrelated to current new events) have upset me or made me feel sick. I don't immediately jump in and complain to the op because she did not set out to personally offend or upset me, she clearly stated what her thread was about.

I would rather this, than open the thread, read it and be more upset.

zazen · 13/11/2008 13:15

Sure I agree the thread titles should be actually relevant and not just warning

But I draw the line at any graphic details in the title

And like another poster I am not always in the right place for disturbing titles in this Parenting forum, so I would rather if the thread titles weren't graphic and sensationalist.

And cali yes I also have experience of child abuse as do many people. I don't want to see it every day in my face, especially when I have work to do right after.

A simple description in the title without the gory details will suffice for me.

sorkycake · 13/11/2008 13:31

I don't understand why anyone would to add a sensationalist title for a thread. Why would you do that?

Why would you post something like "baby kicked to death" instead of something like "awful child abuse case in the news"?

It's got bot all to do with censorship and everything to do with sensitivity and respect for the topic in hand as well as other posters.

No one is advocating not discussing any of these issues but titles as tawdry as the ones we've witnessed recently demote the seriousness of the issues being discussed to the level of salacious gossip and it just isn't healthy.

I personally have opted to hide the News topic after the babyP recent thread.

Lurkinaround · 13/11/2008 13:32

I clicked on the graphically titled thread and from there I read the BBC news story. I wish I hadn't but that is my own fault. Then I made the mistake of looking at The Sun front page yesterday and learnt another detail that I really wish I didn't have to think about. Again, my own fault for reading it.

HOWEVER, I don't see why a thread title here can't just say 'Terrible child abuse case - trial started - details may be distressing' rather than giving details of what kind of abuse was involved. I don't think things should be swept under the carpet because we should be aware that this does happen but I want to be able to choose whether to read the details or not. A graphic thread title does not give me that option.

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