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I LOVE the new MN! Come here to praise Tech!!

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PersonalItTheClown · 25/10/2007 19:40

I love the ignore feature.
Makes my life a better experience.

MWAH...Thank you Tech!

OP posts:
RustyBear · 25/10/2007 20:21

I like the way the threads light up in red when you put your mouse over them - no more clicking on the wrong thread

morningpaper · 26/10/2007 09:15

I can't bear to ignore anything

You just never know when a good rumpus is going to kick off

ScaryScienceT · 26/10/2007 09:17

I love it too. I have been ignoring loads!

Marina · 26/10/2007 09:17

Even though you made me temporarily Null, I still worship at your geeky feet O Tech.
It's fantastic, thank you so much
And in half-term week too!

MaureenMLove · 26/10/2007 09:33

Tis lovely. Although, I have opted out of 53 topics! Does that make me a miserable old bag, who really doesn't want to talk to anyone! Now, if they had a topic called 'Lets just talk b*llocks all day long' i'd be there in a flash!

Seriously though, perhaps the new opt out system will cut down on the arguements, if you can't see things that irritate you everytime you click active convo.

lillypie · 26/10/2007 09:37

Where have the profiles gone?

I'm very nosy and like to see what people look like.

MaureenMLove · 26/10/2007 09:44

Just click on the nickname instead Lilly, they're still there (you nosey old bag!)

flowerybeanbag · 26/10/2007 09:45

I love it, much praise to Tech. I am ignoring loads of stuff!

SharpMolarBear · 26/10/2007 09:46

i like it too!

FlameInHell · 26/10/2007 09:48

I love the little speil about the olden days when no-one was unreasonable etc

SharpMolarBear · 26/10/2007 09:48

how do you ignore threads though? have excluded topics but can't ignore threads.
what happens if you ignore a thread you're on?

OozingSlashesFromTigerFeet · 26/10/2007 09:49

Oh god I am overcome with list for Tech

I have engaged the boring workplace version

Tis marvellous

I am keeping whole threads though, I'm with califright on the wheeling of the wheely mouse

Beachcomber · 26/10/2007 09:49

Well done Tech. Love not having to flip the thread.

SharpMolarBear · 26/10/2007 09:51

was being thick
for anyone else wondering, click 'ignore' in active conversatuions (as it said on the instructions )

lillypie · 26/10/2007 10:46

MML thanks

MamaG · 26/10/2007 10:47

Love it.
Mo - 53? REALLY? I only got 7!

LilBloodRedWantsGore · 26/10/2007 10:49

Well done Tech - all your promises fulfilled!

PS - Ignore any ludites complaining!

GarrottedbyElasticband · 26/10/2007 10:49

i love it too, love the ignoring topics,
no more post natal, ante natal, for sale, ebay etc., etc., etc., {

Nip · 26/10/2007 10:59

yup, ignoring topics and threads is great... has taken me some time to customise it but i think its great.

Well done Tech (and the others at MNHQ!)

I'll go back to my grovelling corner now!

gizmo · 26/10/2007 11:03

It's been highly entertaining watching peoples' heads explode...

Well done Tech, I think you have done wonders.


screaminghousewife · 26/10/2007 11:04

Oh I love it and it's so easy to customi(z)e too!

Bocoreepy · 26/10/2007 11:07

Well done! It's v clever and good.

NomDeBroomstick · 26/10/2007 11:09

I don't like the weird wishy-washy turquoise look.

I am on 'classic MN'

MacdogOnElmStreet · 26/10/2007 11:12

Have just organised my 'Ignore' list.

Enjoying MNing again!!

Thank you very much Tech, {mwah}

Tinker · 26/10/2007 15:14

It probably is brilliant but I wouldn't know since have changed back to Old Git mode as soon as I realised you could

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