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Justine, I'm worried about you.

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Blandmum · 13/09/2007 15:25

You seem to be having far too much fun on MN atm.

You didn't make this site for your use, you know, but for ours!

Get a grip, woman.

OP posts:
mytwopenceworth · 13/09/2007 20:21

Oh crikey. Did we break Justine?

Are we going to get into trouble?

moljam · 13/09/2007 20:23
FrannylinePankhurst · 13/09/2007 20:25

Can we say what we want as long as we cross it out, then?

[heh heh]

WideWebWitch · 13/09/2007 20:43


WideWebWitch · 13/09/2007 20:43

Ooh, I like that.

WideWebWitch · 13/09/2007 20:43

Yes Franny, I'm sure that'll be the case, absolutely , go for it!

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