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*MISSING MUMSNETTERS* Where are.........

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NomDePlume · 11/07/2006 09:10


Lockets & WMF (have they had the baby yet ?)
Starlover (can't think of lockets without starlover's name popping into head too)
Flossam (she moved, I think, has she binned her net connection ? )

Anyone know ?

OP posts:
lucy5 · 29/07/2006 11:46

I haven't seen Jmg for a while, anyone know how he is doing?

lucy5 · 31/07/2006 11:05

bumping for news of jmg1.

almostanangel · 31/07/2006 11:11

oh nobody missed me then sob sob

MarsLady · 31/07/2006 11:12

I would miss you if I weren't so busy babe! Plus............. you're it!

almostanangel · 31/07/2006 11:17

oh and i would miss you if i wasnt such a good aim!!! your it!!
and i can beat this game i have a very nice male friend on line and we have virtual pillow fights!! ner

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