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aaaargh children's shoes

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hattynewyear · 03/01/2005 22:20

ok I'm after chapter and verse from all of you. I'm opening the floor to all comments but answers to the following would be particularly welcome: Am I the only person who can NEVER find shoes that I really like? How many do your kids have and where do you get them from? Are "school" shoes deliberately so horrid to con us all into buying our 5 year olds two pairs when one would do? Does anyone actually like nubuck (that fake swede effect stuff that seems to be on every shoe and that looks grand for about two days then looks -permanently - filthy. Is nubuck perhaps another retail conspiracy to get us to buy more shoes than we need? How can they possily justify charging £40 for a pair of kids' boots? And, most importantly of all, does anyone know where I can buy a pair of shoes that are a little bit pretty, but definitely no sequins or anything tacky, but simple enough for school, suitable for winter (ie not Mary-Janes) and that look good with both trousers and skirts? Or am I living on another planet? I don't want much out of life but I would like to stick to the one season one shoe (or rather one pair) principle if at all possible.

OP posts:

starlover · 08/01/2005 13:42

newbarnsleygirl- I worked for Clarks in Crawley, in West Sussex.
Am due to go back part time in June, but not sure if I'll make it!


blueteddy · 08/01/2005 13:53

My ds has a pair of clarks boots for school (flashing ones), some buckle my shoe boots for best, some osh kosh brown chunky shoes which my Mum bought in America & 2 pairs of Next trainers.
Ds2 has a pair of clarks, a pair of bms, a pair of Gap red dessert boots & some trainers.
I think I am a bit of a shoeaholic where my children are concerned!

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