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Why do you buy new shoes for your children?

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fisil · 02/10/2004 18:33

Before I start this rant, I'd better come clean: I hate shoe shopping.

Took DS to get checked out today to see if he needed a new pair of shoes. The fitter said something which was just weird, like "well they fit OK, what new shoes do you want?" So I asked her very simply "You are a trained shoe fitter. I want to know if my son has outgrown these shoes and needs new ones." She said "Do you want to buy him some new ones?" So I repeated - only if he needs them. "Oh, you want a second opinion, do you?" !? So I agreed. The manager pummelled his feet and said "do you want to get him some new shoes?" So again I said "only if he needs them." It turns out no he doesn't, he has plenty of room for growth.

I pushed them on this (I'd had the pleasure of a 1/2 hour wait for this info) and was told "it is always up to the customer to decide whether they want to buy shoes." Sure, but surely most people only buy new shoes for their children when they need them, not when they want them?

Rant over. (but I would be interested to know - do you just buy new shoes or do you wait until they need a new size?)

OP posts:

SoupDragon · 03/10/2004 19:31

One flaw in your plan, JanH. I have long legs and a short body, DH has short legs and a short body. Did we end up with 2 perfectly proportioned sons? No, they both have short legs. Let's hope they've not inherited my body length...


posyhairdresser · 03/10/2004 20:07

hovely, IME clarks sizes are half a size up from the equivalent in startrite HTH


JanH · 03/10/2004 20:10

No, that is a flaw, soupie, genes don't do averages...

I continue to be really bugged by the fact that all our kids got my crap eyesight instead of DH's almost 20/20 - I mean what's that about? Why didn't all the myopic cavepersons fall down cliffs, or get eaten by mammoths, and die out?


Tortington · 04/10/2004 15:46

i rarely had my childrens feet measured and as a result they have horrible knarled feet - no actually they dont. i think i am perfectly qualified to decide whether my child has the right size shoe - nd belive not that it is a science. i think its hype and more bad mother bashing.

when mine were little i could afford only £2.99 for a pair of shoes - thats what they got from the inside market or jumple sales or car boot sales or what i had given to me by other people.

my daughers feet were growing so fast at one point - i simply refused to believe that she was a size adult 7 at aged 11 - so i went had her measured - at clarks and didnt buy any shoes.

telly you what though, clarks have it nailed!

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