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blinking nora, the new figleaves catalogue is a littel blatant

27 replies

codswallop · 28/09/2004 11:12

the postman just handed me it [red face]

OP posts:

aloha · 28/09/2004 17:04

I got it, flicked through, though, oh well, nothing here for Humpty Dumpty looky-likeys and put it to one side. Just got it out again to look for the top hats, which are hilarious, but most of the pix are shot by the lingerie companies not Figleaves, to be fair. I have never seen so much pouting though.


Frenchgirl · 28/09/2004 17:23

what about the men section? anyone enjoyed that? no top hats though but rather large......undies

don't find the rest shocking but most of it a bit obvious and ugly. Like Princesse Tam-Tam though, always used to buy it in France.

(still waiting for parents to arrive........)

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