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Outdoor toys.......Which ones have your kids used most ??

73 replies

nutcracker · 14/07/2004 21:59

My kids now have an endless list of what toys they would like for their new garden,but a) i don't have a bottomless pit of money and b) i would like the room still to be able to walk around the garden .

So which toys have your kids used most ??

P.s Am very tempted to buy a big plastic playhouse i saw reduced by 125 quid (shhh don't tell dp).

OP posts:

nutcracker · 14/07/2004 22:47

Yeah i like the idea of one of those for Ds Piffle. Am sure i saw one of those in a sale somewhere.

OP posts:

mrsflowerpot · 14/07/2004 23:06

sand pit and mini trampoline.

Nearly New sales are good for this kind of thing, it seems to be the season for them round here at the moment. Once they've been out in the rain a couple of nights, it doesn't matter they're second hand!


princesspeahead · 14/07/2004 23:08

pedal tractor with detachable trailer is used incessantly by everyone, even my 6 yr old whose knees are around her ears when she pedals around on it. it is something about a trailer and being able to carry things and people in it which makes it irresistable I think


daisy1999 · 14/07/2004 23:12

Of course we're assuming you have a garden the size of a park and unlimited funds!


whizzz · 14/07/2004 23:18

ELC Pop up tents & tunnels. Good because they all fold flat for storage ! Although get some tent pegs as they sometime blow over if too windy !


KangaMummy · 14/07/2004 23:25

QUADRO climbing frame and slide, we have added to it and designed our own.

It is a boat, castle, and what ever you want it to be. If they get tired of it you dismantle and redo in different way. It is strong enough for adults. DS age 9 and all friends play on it.

I agree with sandpit, DS still plays with it.

We have pop up/framed house in the sitting room, that has been played with for 8 years.

Also swing, small trampoline in the house/ or to go in garden.

Pool for when summer returns.


Clayhead · 14/07/2004 23:26

nutty, I've got the Little Tikes cube thing too and some of their oether stuff, all bought seond hand through the local paper/agency shops and it's still in great condition but a fraction of the price.


nutcracker · 14/07/2004 23:28

Just looked on ebay for the Little Tikes cube thingy but they are all collection only and too far away.

Might buy the bargain pages and have a look in there.

OP posts:

zebra · 15/07/2004 11:01

Watering cans, anything they can dig with.


carla · 15/07/2004 13:33

Nutty, we bought a playhouse and when dds found 'an' ant in there refused to use it


cazzybabs · 15/07/2004 13:46

Sandpit - although ours is filled with water. It gets so much use - dd would be in everyday if she could.


Zerub · 15/07/2004 13:58

Bucket of water and a large paintbrush (housepainting sort).

One of those "cosy coupe" type car things - dd is just 2 and spends at least an hour a day in it, its great. If shes having a really bad day I give her her lunch in it...


Washing up bowl of water and the contents of my "plastics" cupboard.

Hoping to get her a playhouse soon - I think she might move in to it and just come indoors for food. Not that I don't love her dearly or anything!

For any big garden toys, its worth putting a Wanted ad in the paper or Tescos - lots of people have outgrown toys taking up half their garden, and would love you to pay a fiver and remove the toys!


yamamoto · 15/07/2004 14:29

Trampoline (14ft round sunk in ground) is the most popular toy in our village! Toy spade and wheel barrow for ds provides hours of fun. Just bought one of those water squirters from elc, read about it here but waiting for the sun...
Both dd spend hours in our playhouse.

Delivered a playhouse to Cambridge last month and as we assembled it the 'Arrgghhh Ant' family moved in! After two hours of very hot work the playhouse looked great but was completley full of ants!


Angeliz · 15/07/2004 15:16



twiglett · 15/07/2004 15:36

message withdrawn


twiglett · 15/07/2004 15:37

message withdrawn


mummysurfer · 15/07/2004 17:09

nutcracker, do you have a local toy library? ours is brill and saved me wasting my money lots of times. big garden equipment has to be booked in advance of the school holdays then they deliver it. borrowed a trampoline last year and it wasn't used after the first day or so.
before i went along i wrongly guessed that the toys would be tat. but they are pristine. cleaned after each lone, safety checked and binned when becoming worn.
i'm not sure how you would find one tho'. HV maybe


zebra · 15/07/2004 17:12

Toy Lib. website . Norwich one is cacque, tho'. Loughborough one was great.


zebra · 15/07/2004 17:16

Balsall Heath toy lib , Sandwell .


littlemissbossy · 15/07/2004 17:30

My ds loves his play-castle with tunnel that I bought from ikea, plus anything that involves water. Also someone bought him a giant bubble maker from ELC for his birthday and we've had great fun with that


BooMama · 15/07/2004 21:30

yamamoto - can I ask how you sunk the trampoline?! Was there a lot of work excavating and did you line the hole before fitting the trampolone in?
I think it's a great idea to sink it - I saw one on a tv programme the other year and it looked great from a safety perspective - my sister fell off a neighbour's trampoline when she was 8 and broke her arm. Also, doesn't spoil the view of the garden!
We have a little rectangular trampoline at the moment but is very popular so may need to expand!


Demeter · 15/07/2004 21:34

If you want water I saw a crazy daisy sprinkler at a kids shop yesterday - never used one myself but it looks like loads of fun. Plug it in and it spits out water in all directions and it was quite reasonably priced too!


poppyseed · 16/07/2004 00:40

Playhouses are a bit of a waste of money imo. Either get full of spiders or ants and then they're not used....
Sandpit, slides, trampolines and paddling pools are great as are Space hoppers!!


Paula71 · 16/07/2004 01:04

Nutcracker keep an eye on the Argos website as all the outdoor toys we have bought ds twins were reduced in price. We bought a playset with a slide, two swings and a glide-rider and a trapeze thingy for when they are older. It is very well used and was only £70 - reduced from £100.

Also last Christmas we got them those crazy coupe cars and they were only £24.99 (I think there was a new style coming out.) It is worth looking out for these, we are on a budget too so have already stocked up on "you-know-what" presents from the sales. That way our two don't miss out on cool toys!


yamamoto · 16/07/2004 03:33

Boomama, heres a copy of a previous thread

...Ours is a 14ft round one. There is actually a picture of a rectangular one dug in in the Supertramp brochure, but do go for a round one, OK for multiple users, unlike rectangular one which is only recommended for one person.


  1. assemble galvonised frame
    2 place trampoline in position. Mark where the feet touch the ground with spray paint.
  2. remove frame and call mini digger.
    Dig the four trenches deep enough for the frame top to sit 6" above ground level.
  3. Position frame in holes. Mark the round area in the middle where the bed covers.Remove frame and digout. The sides need only slope at 45 degrees from where the bed starts, not the springs. This will prevent the sides falling in.
    The middle of the hole needs to be the same depth as the frame is high.
  4. Replace frame and fill the four leg trenches with 6" of sand then backfill with soil. Add bed with springs.

    You will be surprised by the amount of soil produced! One pos solutions is; only dig the trampoline half in but use the soil to raise the ground level around the bed, seen this and it does work okish. Kids also tend to roll down rather than land flat!

    If you want pictures of fully or half sunk tramoplines email me at [email protected]

    Prices are fixed, even buying multiple trampolines I only managed a very small discount.

    Our kids and their freinds have witout question made it the most cost effective present we have bought so far. Highly recommended!

    ...hope this help. If you want pictures do email.

    Poppyseed, I bet the spiders and ants are happy tho..!
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