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Recommend me something to clean my disgusting oven

35 replies

popsycal · 31/05/2004 12:02


I have mr muscle stuff and also some non-toxic stuff i bought when i was 36 weeks pregnant - cleaning the oven seemed like a good idea at the time!

I want something that requires minimum effort. LOL!

OP posts:

popsycal · 31/05/2004 20:05

did it smell of fat and stink the house out when you decided to bake cakes with your ds

theoretically speaking of course

just an example off the top of my head.....

OP posts:

Janh · 31/05/2004 20:06

On a scale of 1 to 10, about 9.75? (The light was almost obliterated by the brown film over it....)

Anyone want to come for dinner...?


Janh · 31/05/2004 20:08

It's 2 rooms away and round a corner from the smoke detector but it still had to be flapped at regularly. I think I will use that as my indicator for when it next needs doing!


popsycal · 31/05/2004 20:10

That sounds good to me JanH!

Do they take all the seals off and everything???

Our seal, in the same vein as the lining of Alan Partridge's 'short shorts', has perished.......

OP posts:

Janh · 31/05/2004 20:12

Ah - had forgotten about the seal, pops. Yes it is removed, but ours died in the process and I keep forgetting to ring up to order a new one. Oven door leaks steam from one corner but it still seems to work OK!


mummysurfer · 31/05/2004 20:16

mine did all the shelves and the grill pan.....he even did the shelves & pan from the old oven which we used on the BBQ - when he finished you couldn't tell which were which!


popsycal · 31/05/2004 20:18

oh and the light is broke and so is the fan........

we inherited it when we bought the house and it is rubbish.........may be time to buy a new one.......

OP posts:

codswallop · 01/06/2004 15:48

deffo ovenu you two


Beccarollover · 04/06/2004 22:59

ovenu will be at my house at 10am on tuesday


codswallop · 05/06/2004 12:51


how much in t he Ne?

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