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Crap maternity wear! Just for fun...

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Lupe · 25/05/2004 15:53

So what's the worst maternity purchase you've made? Mine were the hideously overpriced Isabelle Oliver 'under the bump' trousers which a) cost about £45 b) are designed for giants - I'm about 5' 5" and had to take them up several inches (and because of the delicate material had to pay someone else to do it) c) have to be dried flat so they don't grow again! d) apart from the first 10 minutes after being washed work their way down my bum giving me an extremely unflattering baggy bum and crotch effect combined with knicker tops showing (and that includes hipster pants!) e) have a special 'pet hair' attracting feature.

I would personally like to unrecommend Isabelle Oliver!

Other bad buys include JoJo maman bebe under bump jeans (okay if you're standing up, no good for squatting, sitting etc unless you want to cut your circulation off!) and huge pair of H&M trousers in bright orange (Medium too small and I'm only a 10/12 in real life so went for Large which make me look like a brick s*house!, or a binman).

Best buys have mostly been from charity shops (just bigger clothes with stretchy waists) and various items that have absolutely nothing to do with maternity wear (pleated viscosey dresses that were bought years ago are fab). Oh and the odd maternity top from Debenhams - I always wait for their numerous sales and pick them up for a few quid (you wouldn't want to spend any more than that on them!).

Have never bought anything from Mothercare whose clothes are overpriced and grim!

Love to hear anyone else's anecdotes!

OP posts:

californiagirl · 02/06/2004 17:56

Best buy: Salwar Kameez I worse to best friend's wedding (as bridesmaid) and my own. Bright red silk with gold embroidery, everybody says it looks marvelous. Oh, and a pair of non-maternity stirrup pants from a fat phase that aren't made any more but that I wore almost to the end.

Worst buy: Fancy outfit to wear to cousin-in-law's wedding, never wore again.


Sunlounger · 02/06/2004 18:02

Best buy ever a sexy denim pencil skirt from - it was fabulous and I could wear it after for a while too! Earl maternity jeans great too if not hugely expensive.
Worst buy grim black straight skirt from dorothy perkins maternity, just rode up all the time and only fitted for about a week!


Bagpuss30 · 02/06/2004 18:21

Marthamoo, we must be twins. I had the exact same outfit from Blooming Marvellous and bought it for two christenings and a wedding but never wore it again. DH was cross with me for spending so much money. It did look nice though.

Other worst buy was a pair of denim dungarees from Next. Made me feel comfy but realised post pg that I had actually looked like Bob the Builder for 4 months.

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