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What is the best twin side by side stroller that can be used from birth?

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GhoulsAreLoud · 01/11/2009 18:57

I'm pretty set on a side by side rather than a tandem (although I know lots of people hate them).

Can anyone recommend a decent one, I plan to put a newborn in it.

Am considering the maclaren twin techno, silvercross pop duo and obaby twin apex atm.


OP posts:

Danthe4th · 07/11/2009 17:53

Very pleased with my mamas and papas pulse plus, its a dream to push, I've had a few as i'm a childminder with 4 of my own children. I have the mamas and papas for in the car, I also hear the maclaran is good too. I bought it from the website it has some fab footmuffs with it. If you time it right you can get a discount as it had 20% off and double points when I bought it.
The offer at the moment till sunday night is £10 for every £50 you spend so effectively £40 off at the moment and they also do the maclaran I think.
Hope that helps


Danthe4th · 07/11/2009 17:54

Thats £10 worth of points for every £50


MrWalker · 20/06/2013 13:50

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