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Newborn with limited space

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anthonys · 13/07/2012 11:33


I'm trying to decide on the best options for a baby that will be spending the first few months of he's life in a small flat.

I'm thinking of either getting something like the Uppababy vista to use for transport as well as a cot when home (turning in to a stroller later).

Or ..

Buy a smaller pushchair (like the babyjogger city mini - I understand can still be used to transport newborn?) combined with a sling for short trips and a separate cot.

Would both solutions work? The first is more expensive but maybe use less space? Any advice of which would be better? We plan to move to a larger flat 3-6 months after birth.


OP posts:

Ihateparties · 19/07/2012 13:30

Personally I think the Muum is worth a look, from memory I would say it's probably slightly bigger than the cam but personally I prefer the lie flat seat instead of carrycot or bucket combo like bugaboo and a lot of others do. Plus the 1 piece fold. The bubble is a great concept but when I saw it I happened to have my then 4 week old with me and felt I probably wouldn't be comfortable putting her in the seat, it really didn't seem that flat. I could be mis-remembering to some degree however. Worth a look when they arrive for sure. The June should arrive before your 4 months are out too...


Tiggywunkle · 19/07/2012 21:35

The Bubble seat is flat, but its a stroller....if you want a stroller then thats great, but I see it, especially for a newborn, as a compromise especially when you are looking at some fabulous pushchairs in what you are writing.


mum2bxox · 28/07/2012 13:34

I would go for the I candy strawberry.Its everything your looking for the seat can face both ways and fold both ways with seat still attached to the frame. which is rare and means takes up less space. Can stand freely when folded which is great when you have little space. You do need the carry cot but it can be used for overnight sleeping.


StateofConfusion · 31/07/2012 22:22

I've had a few buggies in my time but by far the best is my bugaboo. I'm expecting dc3 so space is an issue for that reason and after dc2 we sold most things so the bugaboos a great bit of kit. Nice big carrycot which I plan to use instead on a crib and the seat is a great size and can easily last 4yrs. Yes two piece fold is a pita sometimes but its so easy to fold I don't find it an issue. Its a dream to push and comfy for the dc too.


FreelanceMama · 31/07/2012 22:32

we're in a small one bed flat with our 6 month old. We used a (borrowed) moses basket for the 1st 3 months, and then got a SpaceSaver dropside cot (smaller than most cots but should last to 18 months) about 90 quid from

I'd recommend you get a babybjorn or something similar to start with (again, maybe borrow?) and wait to get a pushchair later. We got ours a couple of months in (borrowed 1 for a bit and it helped us figure out what we wanted). We have a car so we store the pushchair in that. We've got the Quinny Zapp Xtra, suitable from birth, parent and front facing, works with a maxicosi xar seat. But it comes apart into 2 pieces rather than foldup as one thing. I rarely take a pushchair on public transport though - a babybjorn is much easier.


anthonys · 02/08/2012 16:41

Yup, just picked up a BabyBjorn so hoping to get away with that for the first few months.

Ruled the Strawberry out because it's 12.3kg compared with the June at 9.9kg, Muum at 11kg, Camelon at 8.6kg and the Cruz at 9.9kg. I was desperately trying to find things to use for ruling them out because there are so many options!

That said I think there's a lot of value is trying them and it's much easier to find somewhere in London that stocks iCandy than it is for June or Easywalker..

OP posts:

oscarwilde · 07/08/2012 11:58

Stokkes are great but they are not small.


oscarwilde · 07/08/2012 12:01

Harrods (avoid on a Saturday if you can) used to stock the Stokke, Bugaboo range and McClarens plus loads of others. It was handy to be able to compare them all side by side. It's worth it just see how many £000's you can spend on a carbon fibre pram :) talk about how the other half live!

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