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Rear facing pushchair for large toddler-expertise required!

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bluefootedpenguin · 10/05/2012 18:24

Hi! I have a 20 month old DS who is being very laid back with his language development. I have finished using my double and want to have a rear facing single but don't know what to get. Looking at second hand unless there is something new and truly amazing!
I have had a chameleon but didn't think it felt very sturdy with a larger child. I loved my 4 rider light and thought I might go for another mutsy. Also considering the maxi cosi Mura, Jane solo reverse and the britax b smarts and vigours. Any advice would be much appreciated, and any suggestions too!
Needs to have a good sized seat unit as DC is on the 98th centile for height.

OP posts:

Tiggywunkle · 14/05/2012 01:02

Hurray for having made a decision. I hope you like your Apple.

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