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Do I really need a double buggy for nb and walking toddler?

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chummymummy7 · 13/01/2012 22:50

Hi. I'm getting in a tizz. DD1 will be 29 mths when DC2 arrives in March. She doesn't always like going in her current buggy (a simple OBaby stroller) and often ends up walking. We only do quite short walks into town anyway.

Was planning to just use a sling for DC2 and let DD1 walk or go in her buggy - then buy a better single with a buggy board for when DC1 is bigger.

Do you think I really need to invest in a double if my toddler's unlikely to go in it anyway? Or is she still too young to walk/buggy board?

If I should get a double - which one? Our house is compact and a side-by-side wouldn't fit through the front door.

Or if I should just get a better single (like a Bugaboo) for the new baby plus buggy board - which one?

Any help or shared experiences very gratefully received!!

OP posts:

BikeRunSki · 14/01/2012 22:58

NotnOtter - 37 months between mine, and you are quite right. DS (the three yo ) is not really old enough to be totally buggyless on a day out.


spottydogpencilcase · 15/01/2012 08:45

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

crazycatlady · 15/01/2012 20:55

Oh yes, marching along with 30kg of buggy, toddler, baby and associated crap is awesome exercise.


pinkypig · 17/01/2012 22:22

In my experience a lot depends on the older child ie how tired they get and how quickly, if they stil nap, if they actually like to walk a lot. I've had one I couldn't get in the pushchair and one who didn't walk till 20 months who still at 3.5yrs likes to go in it on occasion when tired because he hasn't fully dropped his nap. There are 22 months between each of my 3 children...


cairnterrier · 17/01/2012 22:29

Silly question, but when you've got DCs in both of the P and T's seats, where a bouts are you carrying all the extra stuff (picnic blankets and the like)? I can't work out where all this space is to put stuff in.


BikeRunSki · 17/01/2012 22:50

With my 3 yo on top of the P&T (baby lies flat in coccon in main seat), the shopping basket is free. With baby on top in car seat, and 3 yo underneath, his feet really don;t take uo much of the basket.

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