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If you had a job in Eastleigh where would you live?

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chicaguapa · 14/01/2010 19:53

We are relocating in the summer and I have my heart set on moving to Fordingbridge. But DH is interested in a teaching job in Eastleigh so I'm now looking at the surrounding area for good places to live a bit nearer to there. DC are 8&5 so good primary schools are essential. Chandlers Ford has cropped up but I can't find a really good primary school (though I'm sure they must exist!) Any recommendations? We're moving from Manchester so will already be downsizing which counts out Winchester.

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chicaguapa · 14/01/2010 20:54

The primary schools are rubbish in Romsey unfortunately. I think I need to give Kirsty & Phil a call.

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chicaguapa · 14/01/2010 20:58

Thanks for all the replies! There are loads. I'm going to sound really fussy but I'm trying to keep more towards the New Forest and in west Hants rather than towards Surrey, where I'm from originally.

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weefriend · 14/01/2010 21:04

Try looking at the Knightwood Road/Valley Park areas of Chandlers Ford. I don't know about schools though, we lived there pre-kids. Romsey worth a look. Winchester is shockingly expensive. It depends what your budget is really.

chicaguapa · 14/01/2010 21:07

Budget fairly small. It's definitely not big enough for Winchester.

I used to love moving to new areas but have found it more stressful now we have DC. You don't feel you can make any mistakes as it's harder to just up and move if you don't like the area after all.

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Sidge · 14/01/2010 21:10

Don't go to Whiteley - one small primary school for a hugely expanding 'new town' - it's very oversubscribed and parents were having to travel fair distances to outlying schools.

More info here

MrsDinky · 14/01/2010 21:20

Whiteley also only has one road in and out, can get bad traffic wise.

Titchfield/Stubbington/Hook/Warsash all quite nice too.

aseriouslyblondemoment · 14/01/2010 21:28

have to agree that whiteley is pretty dire too
but saying that i'm a v tradional type and cannot cope with living on a new build estate
there are some nice villages between romsey and salisbury as have easy access to the m27 then m3
titchfield has some nice property and some lovely pubs close by
i do love hampshire alot and think it's a fab place to bring up a family

chicaguapa · 14/01/2010 21:32

I'm quite traditional too and don't really like new build estates. But I'm worried that the nice villages will have small schools and I want one with at least 2 classes per year. Will just have to trawl through the websites...

OP posts:
daisydotandgertie · 14/01/2010 21:36

Avoid Whiteley - it's horrible and traffic is awful. Eastleigh is horrible to live in so I'd avoid that too.

Wickham is lovely, but the primary is not too hot; secondary is in Fareham. There are good private schools about though.

Bishops Waltham and Botley are both lovely. Lower Upham and Owslebury are lovely villages too.

I'd go for Wickham or Bishops Waltham to be honest (I lived in Wickham for 6 years and loved it).

If you can find somewhere north of the M27, you'll save yourself a lot of commuting time; south of the motorway is very populated and very busy.

Pennies · 14/01/2010 22:24

Avoid Fair Oak. It's not very Fair at all.

IPlayBanjoOnMyFanjo · 15/01/2010 11:21

Are you definitely wanting village life? If no, don't write off Southampton. There are some nice areas, such as Highfield and Bitterne Park. Highfield is particularly good for primary schools. One of best in country apparently.

tulip27 · 15/01/2010 11:28

Romsey is great, older style and new houses,good facilities (in a market town setting) and a wonderful primary school ( was in the times top state primary schools) called Halterworth. 40 mins drive to the beach and 20 mins to the new forest about 20 mins to Eastleigh.

86Pinkle · 15/01/2010 12:37

I live in Woolston in Southampton and work abotu 10 miles - eastliegh is alot closer. As to where you should live depends on your budget and what you are looking for.

If you want big houses and private eastates then look into chilworth and basset/highfield. Bit cheaper but good schools then try Bitterne Park (good primary and secondary schools). If you want more of a village life then north baddesley, rownhams and romsey might suite - romsey has good schools, a nice abbey and high street with good shops.

There trains/buses from southampton to eastleigh are pretty good and I think the prices are quiet reasonable.

I know most of the areas close to Southampton/Eastleigh so any questions just let me know.

chicaguapa · 15/01/2010 16:41

Thanks. I'll have a look at Halterworth school and Rownhams.

OP posts:
HerHonesty · 16/01/2010 13:00

Eastleigh, chandlers ford awful. lots places around mentioned very nice. watch for commute- chichester, salisbury, anywhere portsmouth/south of M27 way is pretty bad in terms of traffic to eastleigh, part if you are and your timing cant be that flexible. Infact i would avoid anywhere which necessitates m27 usage in the morning...

chicaguapa · 02/02/2010 18:49

DH got the teaching job in Eastleigh so I will be going down at Easter to have a look around. Romsey and Alresford are the top contenders on paper, good schools too. But Chandler's Ford has crept in there as everyone in RL who knows it says it's really nice. So I need to see it for myself, I think.

Thanks for all your help.

OP posts:
scaryteacher · 03/02/2010 09:12

Botley nice, bil and sil live near there.

Titchfield (well,the nice bits in West Street and South Street) shockingly expensive, and some very small. Good butchers. Mil lives there.

Dg and Mool, when were you at PSC, as I was there 1982-84 as a boarder?

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