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Moving to Sowerby Bridge - can you tell me anything about it??

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makemineamagnum · 14/08/2009 21:57


We're moving to Sowerby Bridge because of DH's job. Neither of us know the area at all really, do any of you looovely MNetters know it?

Which areas should be avoided? Which primary schools are ok?
FYI - Ideally we need to be able to get to the train station either walking or on the bus.

All info gratefully received!

OP posts:
PinkyRed · 18/08/2009 22:37

Poor Hebden Bridge - I feel the need to defend it. I really love living here, and there are lots of very nice people. You don't need to call your child Chakra if you don't want to, but if you want to, then you can.

foreverchanges · 19/08/2009 18:54

yeah pinkyred would choose hebden over sowerby any day dan thos boden 'hippies' but its still a lovely plae. sw bridge is dour imho

foreverchanges · 19/08/2009 18:56

pinkyred hello i am a todite , you are a hebdener would you like to meet in the name of mn ?

Iusedtolivehere · 20/08/2009 13:13


Had a quick nosey round for you and cannot find anything in SP for 155k.
Saw something in Copley for 150k, I can't do links, but it is Lydbrook Park, Copley.
It's a 3 bed semi-detached house, with Garage Off-street parking Garden, but on canalside. Would put me off with small child, but go and have a look.
Let me know if you need any more help

Good luck

Supergem · 20/08/2009 23:22

OOh steer clear of Sowerby Bridge if at all possible - you'll perhaps get more for your money there than other areas but there's a reason for that! I know a few folk who moved there in the past 10 years or so anticipating it being the next up and coming area but hasn't really upped and gone anywhere yet - with the exception of a couple of nice pubs and restaurants. Mytholmroyd is not far and very pleasant. Hebden is wonderful but much pricier -better a few irritating Boden Hippies in the park than gangs of chavs smashing your wing mirrors off every weekend though. Just about everyone I know who lives in SB has had problems with anti social behaviour. I believe Saville Park is regarded as the nicer bit of Halifax but don't really know it personally.

makemineamagnum · 22/08/2009 19:53

Hiya, Just reporting back to say that I've found a lovely house in Skircoat Green, we're hoping to put an offer in on Monday so fingers crossed it will be accepted. Thanks for all your help, Xx

OP posts:
HouseHunting · 22/08/2009 20:35

fab news - Skircoat green is lovely

foreverchanges · 22/08/2009 20:49

just one thing skircoat green lovely but not much sense of community . mytholmroyd ,luddenden, hebden , all have a great sense of community ,to me thats what makes living in west yorkshire special

makemineamagnum · 22/08/2009 21:34

foreverchanges - I'm hoping what you said about no community feel will cancel out with what ptangyang said (!) :
'Skircoat Green (near the new hospital) is a good place to live with children as it has quite a community feel to it with a row of shops, library, etc.'

Maybe it just depends on your neighbours on your street?

Will have some nice friends in the area so hopefully we'll be able to build a small community of friends anyway. Its always a risk moving isn't it. Just hope they accept our offer and no one beats us to it! No way I'll sleep 'til its sorted.

OP posts:
foreverchanges · 22/08/2009 22:23

hope you get your house and enjoy living in the area . its good you have friends there already . i would say though in all honesty that a community feel isnt a community , but then it all depends on what you want from where you live . hebden bridge would be my choice but it is a very personal one ,obviously .

good luck with your offer fingers crossed for you !

Itsthawooluff · 22/08/2009 22:31

I still feel very mournful over leaving lovely lovely house in Greetland - and its 5 years ago. Roll call of village names, Elland, Norland, Greetland, Triangle etc has me all misty eyed. God, I'd go back like a shot!

MorocconOil · 02/09/2009 12:02

Makemine, how's the house purchase going? We are considering a move to SW/HB or Tod and I am just beginning to look around. this thread is great.

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