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Do I rush in to buy?

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RubyBlueberry · 03/07/2009 15:46

Have found this very interesting house near where I live.
We have £40k deposit, we are renting now, have been for 8 years, I just think of all the money we have wasted!
We have been looking for AGES - like 2 years for a house in the right area and a semi with 3 beds, it's even got 2 gardens.
The EA says if we offer £136k we would get it, DH who is the most impulsive bloke on the planet sasy ring the EA and offer the money but something is pulling me back!

Is it maybe not the right house? Will another come along?
Maybe I'll miss out on the property prices being low-ish in this town?

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RubyBlueberry · 14/07/2009 17:16

thanks for replies. Now I can't get a mortgage for lovely new house we found for love nor money, must be karma!

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skihorse · 14/07/2009 18:35

If the bank don't think it's worth them risking 136k - your 40k , i.e., 96k - that tells you a LOT!

TDiddy · 14/07/2009 18:55

are you using a mortgage broker? Charcol are a decent outfit.

RubyBlueberry · 14/07/2009 21:47

Yeah the bank said that they would offer us £28k after us giving them £40k deposit ... nice ... thanks HSBC!!
Have just had my parents offering to lend us some money towards more deposit, where do ya draw the line ... where do ya start wasting peoples time and money!? Obviously appreciate it!

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saramoon · 15/07/2009 09:43

28K? With a 40K deposit? We have no deposit and were hoping to buy next year - with a keyworker scheme though - guess the banks are still not keen to lend.

RubyBlueberry · 15/07/2009 11:08

Yeah, its mad isn't it, apparently cos we have a credit card and a loan they say we can't afford a mortgage, but we can afford rent which we got credit checked for well we'll have to see what happens!!

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