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Are houses really going for the asking price at the moment :-(?

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slackrunner · 13/06/2009 08:23

We're going to view a house this morning, which on paper we absolutely love (it may turn out to be horrendous though!).

It has everything that we want - period, loads of space for wheelchair, off-street parking, whopping big garden and the road that we want to be on. It also seems priced to go (which makes me wonder whether there's something wrong structurally), and is well within our budget.

I anticipate that it will generate a lot of interest. Is it madness to consider paying the asking price? Are houses really that much in demand at present? We took a big drop from the peak to sell our fully renovated townhouse, so I'm really reluctant to pay the asking price on somewhere else, even though we can IYSWIM. Buy in haste, repent at leisure (in the autumn/winter 2009 lol).

OP posts:
Qally · 25/06/2009 03:37

We just sold ours in Cambridge. 7 offers in a week after 30 viewings, all at asking (250,000 - stamp duty threshold). It's a Romsey Town terrace. I have to say it's a big relief - we're getting out exactly what we put in. I thought we might have to take a hit.

ChasingSquirrels · 25/06/2009 06:23

funny re cambridge - go a few miles out and there is quite alot of property on the market, some moving some not. But the city itself doesn't seem to have much.

willowstar · 25/06/2009 19:50

we have just bought a house near Downham Market which is on the train line to Cambridge and Kings Cross, so lots of commuters (like me!)...anyway, we found that there were was an abundance of newer homes, less that 10 years old our price braket (up to £250k) but practically nothing older, so when something older did come on the market for the most part the value was retained, they were higher priced and they went for very close to the asking price, especially if there was potential to do them up. We also looked in Kings Lynn and there is just nothing going on the market up there at all. We started off looking in Cambridge but we just couldn't get what we wanted for the money we had at all...the kinds of houses I liked in Cambridge were on for £450k plus !!!!

faraday · 26/06/2009 12:42

The place we're looking at in Chandlers Ford, Hants just sold for way more than the already optimistic asking price! There's absolutely NOTHING in the price bracket coming up- perhaps one every 2 months? Apparently ALL the viewings were by cash buyers currently renting so it cut no ice.

GrendelsMum · 28/06/2009 13:34

I'm told that people are actually gazumping again in Cambridge - a colleague's neighbour has now been gazumped twice in the last couple of months.

Elibean · 28/06/2009 18:31

Latest in SW London, some houses are getting high prices (not over asking, except for one or two 'wrecks' that are rare jewels) in our area, but others are dropping their asking prices as they're just not selling.

Seems to be an awful lot of luck involved, and upredictability

Virtually nothing new coming on the market now, though - maybe we're into the summer quiet time a bit early?!

goldenpeach · 29/06/2009 22:21

Tell us more GrendelsMum. I got gazumped in both Oxford and Cambridge.

1dilemma · 30/06/2009 11:08

Oh Qally I have a friend who wants to sell in Cambridge. Are you at the posh end? (if such a thing exists ) is your house nicely done up?

1dilemma · 30/06/2009 11:10

CS there is a lack of properties in Cambridge and most of the grotty stuff was done up ages ago so a lot of places retain their value. Romsey town is a case in point (I thin a lot more OO rather than BTL too!)

goldenpeach · 02/07/2009 13:51

1dilemma, even grotty houses are at premium, it seems! I saw two going for 400K. They needed everything done to them.

wasabipeanut · 02/07/2009 13:56

We have sold our 2 plus 1 bed terrace in central Reading for asking price. Put in on a couple of Mondays ago, got 9 viewings block booked for Saturday and 3 offered with 1 at full asking. This was still 5k less than we paid for it in 2005 but we considered ourselves lucky not to be taking more of a hit.

Our problem? The lack of decent family houses in Berkshire/Oxfordshire. It seems that if they are on the market for more than about 2 minutes there is something wrong with them. There is some seriously overpriced shite out there though - some sellers are living in a dream world methinks.

GrendelsMum · 03/07/2009 16:00

Well, I don't know much more!

Apparently the neighbour has a committed buyer, but at less than the asking price for her house, and has now offered the asking price on two houses in / near to Cambridge, and after surveys has been gazumped both times, and now her buyer is getting fed up an threatening to drop out. Which to be honest, I woudld think would be to her advantage as then she could get someone to offer more on her house, but after all the hassle she's now really keen to move and be done with it.

The ultra-posh houses in the villages seem to be going very quick as well...

ChasingSquirrels · 05/07/2009 01:37

am out near Burwell, so the "wrong side" lol.
Ultra posh not moving much here, although a couple have - but been on along time.
he only things that are moving quickly are ones that are "bery" realistically priced, others are dropping and dropping.
Friend had dropped hers from £249,999 to £220,000. Lots of viewings but no offers.
Completely different market to the city itself.

ChasingSquirrels · 05/07/2009 01:38

arrgghh, typo's!!

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